Are you in love?

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Just my thoughts but pllzz comment cuz I'm looking for the answer of that question. :3 -babipie

What do u think of love?

What do I think of the concept of love? Hmmm... That is a hard question sometimes I think Yea sure

it exist its there. But sometimes I doubt it because how do people really tell from the feeling of love to

the feelings of responsibility, lust, or just hormones. Some people say their just in love with the idea of love.

Can people really ever fall in love like some stories tell? I mean sure people can stay together for

like seventy years. Everytime I see old couples I wonder if they just got used to seeing each other

everyday that they kinda just start to see them as a security blanket. I know that sounds kind of

mean but find somebody who can tell me the difference and I'll apologize.

People wonder why I think this way but I ask why don't they these are the mysteries of life. Those

are just some of the thoughts that float around in my head. I don't care if your gay, lesbian, bisexual,

straight, or trans-gender somebody tell me what LOVE feels or if it even exist. No I am not gay just

because I want to know. You who that comment was for, this goes out to you.

- from yours truly


P.S. I'm not talking about the feelings you have for your family.

P.S.S Tell anyone what I've written and you will die. *Not Kidding.*

P.S.S.S I love you guys though <3