Chapter 1: Meeting the 'Human'

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(Y/N)'s POV

I walked down the streets of 'world over yonder',planning to buy some special medicine.It was rare for me to visit this demon world,but yet I wasn't afraid to do it,I was able to protect myself.

As I walked,some eyes stopped on me,some turned away,as if I didn't exist.Everyone had known my mother,the previous goddess of Flowers,The Lady of Flowers as they liked to say.Though yokai killed my mother,I'm not seeking for revenge,that's not what my mother would have wanted,and I don't think I would be able to kill someone.

I was completly in my thoughts again and as I was about to turn left,someone ran into me,rather hardly if I might add.

I fell on my butt and opened my eyes that had closed during the confusing event.

In front of myself,I found a girl with brown hair who was rubbing her head,she must've been the one who ran into me.

She then quiqkly raised her eyes and bowed.

"I'm so sorry for running into you like that,but you see,I was escaping from the-" she was cut off by a group of nasty voices that approached from behind.

"Found ya!" they said in reunion,earning us both to stare at them,the girl's gaze rather terrified,while mine remained calm,they weren't a danger to me.

I stood up and dusted off my yukata that had gotten a bit dirty.The maiden was still sitting on the ground,being horrified by the low-level yokai.

I studied her curiously until it hit me.

"A human!?" I thought out loud,glaring unpolitedly at the hazel-eyed girl.

I grabbed her wrist and pulled her behind myself,leaving the confused yokai behind and ran behind a corner where we couldn't be seen by anyone.

Both of us panting,I raised my eyes to get a good look at her.Indeed.She was a human god.A Land god to be exact...but what happened to Mikage?Isn't he the Land god?

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" I quietly whispered,making sure that no one could hear us.

"I'm Momozono Nanami,and I'm the new land god!" she happily cheered and I placed(more like slammed) my hand on her mouth to keep her quiet.

"I see that you're a god,but it isn't safe for you to be here,are you with your familiar?" I curiously asked.

She looked away while pouting."That's a bit complicated." she muttered.

I sighed,somehow feeling the urge to help her,I couldn't leave the poor girl here,she would be eaten by yokai the moment she shows her cute face.

"Fine,I'll take you back human." I said,grabbing her hand again  and pulling her next to myself so we could walk side by side.

I had never seen a human from so close before,sure there were prayers back in my shrine,but I had never talked to them.

"So what's your name?" she asked,smiling at me.

"I'm (L/N)(F/N)." I politely answered as we continued walking.I carefully peeked at her from the corner of my eye,I wonder what she's like as a person.

After some time,Nanami told me about her father who had left her,and then the evil fox who had called her names,the story went on and on while I keenly listened.

We walked through the forest,Nanami right behind me,the will-o-wisps of the Mikage shrine had joined us a while ago.

I kept hearing them talk about a fox yokai named Tomoe and something about making him Nanami's familiar.I wasn't paying attention to their chat,I was in my own thoughts.

Out of nowhere,Nanami grabbed my hand and we ran furder,hiding behind a tree.

"There is no way I'm kissing him!" she muttered furiously.

I blinked in confusion,obviously not knowing what she was talking about,I would've if I wouldn't had paced off.

"Hey you two little girls over there,could you help me?" we heard a voice of an old woman from behind us.



I thought his picture was pretty so I added it here,that's just my version of the main character a.k.a you,feel free to imagine yourself as you want though.

Anyway,I'm so sorry that this is quite short and there may be grammar mistakes,but just try to bear with me until I get to the main storyline,kay?

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