Dance of Immortality

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She went to the forest to dance.

Her community said dancing was evil.

They said it led to immorality, they said it made women consort with the devil.

She understood how some of the women had used their bodies to entice, to lure men.

She understood why most of the men would fear such women, even during the moments they desired them.

But... she wanted to dance like the trees...

They so often took on aspects of fire---seeming to want to swirl free of their roots...


She had a fire in her soul.

Her roots were in her community.

She had limbs like the trees.

She swirled in the forest...


One day, she attired herself in her mother's wedding dress and went to her forest.

She began the dance and didn't stop till the sun went down.

She collapsed where she was and dreamed of dancing among the stars...


She woke and saw she had danced to where the forest met the mountain.

Her soul-fire had burned-up her roots.

She danced up the mountain.


Her inmost fire kept her warm.

She danced to the peak.

She vanished...


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