slender man

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Its been three years since all of this started. but I will start from the beginning. I was at school just playing wall ball with my friends Billy and Sally. Billy hit the ball too hard and It rolled off to the forest we have bye the school. I yelled I will get it and I ran off to get it. then I found it across the woods still rolling. then it stoped rolling as it hit this tall person. I said sorry dude can I have that ball back. then I noticed something odd about the tall guy is that he had no face.ounce I saw that I ran back to school scared that he would kill me. as I got back I saw Billy and Sally jumping up and down saying yeah you found it. they were nice friends and listened to me all the time so I said that's not the only thing I found. what do you mean said Billy. I mean there's a man out there very tall in a suit and red tie with no face. in so scared said Sally in disbelief. no really I said. John your just trying to scare us said Billy. of you don't believe me then come with me I will show you him. fine said Sally and Billy at the same time. so we went into the woods and at the spot I saw him but he was gone. believe me please he was right hearI said. come on lets leave this place no one is hear said Sally. they are nice friends but they can have there moments. so we all walked back to school and the busses have arived. Sally and Billy ride my bus. I always sit buy them. on the ride home I saw him in the distance staring at the busses. I said Sally Billy look. they said what now then they saw him to. ounce they saw him they looked back at me and said in sorry for not believeing you. and we drove off. we all are neighbors so we normally go to each others house after school. so ounce we got off the Bus we went to Bill's house and talked about what we saw. do you think its harmful said Billy. I don't know I said. bit then Sally said I will look this thing up. she goes on Google and types in the tall man. and what comes up is what there looking for. she said hear it is. its name is slender man can he harm you said Billy. it just says it takes little children like us. takes them where said Billy. to where it is from. I said should we tell our parent's. no no no said Billy they will think we are crazy. ok fine. then all of a sudden Billy gets a bloody nose. Billy are you ok I said. he responded saying all I hear is ringing in my ears. then he froze for about 2 or 3 seconds then just walked outside not moving his arms or anything. and just walked into the forest. we ran after him only to see him walk right towards slender man.

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