Practice Makes Perfect- HARRY STYLES #DirtyImagine

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“I don’t know I just don’t want to be rubbish at it if he tries it!” (y/n) sighs exasperated, and throws her face down into one of Harry’s large pillows. Harry chuckles faintly from his place on the ground. “What if I showed you how to do it…?” Harry said gently, turning around to face (y/n) who was now staring at him with disbelief on her face.

Harry let out a loud laugh “Okay okay! If you don’t want to have sex with me just say so, don’t look so disgusted!” He joked while continuing to laugh at the dumbfounded and now embarrassed look on (y/n)’s face.

“N-no it’s not that!” She nearly shouted, trying to cover her embarrassment, “It’s just… I never thought you’d suggest something like that.” She said honestly, and watched as Harry’s face became calm. The bed sank and let out a faint creak as Harry’s weight pushed down on it.

Harry and (y/n) were now inches away. “So, you’d be up for it?” Harry asked while gently tracing circling on (y/n)’s knee. “Yeah” she said breathlessly. (Y/n) couldn’t quit wrap her head around the fact that she was about to have sex with her best friend, but she didn’t have time to think because she soon felt Harry’s soft lips pecking at her neck.

“I’ll be gentle” He breathed onto her neck, he must have noticed how nervous (y/n) was. “What should I be doing?” (Y/n) asked dumbly, not sure how she should be contributing. Harry broke the kiss for a moment. “Wrap your fingers in my hair” He said, taking her arm and gently placing it in his curly locks.

(Y/n) let out a sigh as Harry worked his way up to behind her ear, she had never been kissed like this before, and she loved it. She tightened her grip on his hair, showing him she liked what he was doing, and just as she was about to let out a low moan Harry pulled away. “Moan for me” He instructed in her ear, she let out an awkward, forced moan.

Harry let out a breath through his nose that she could feel faintly on her ear. “No, baby, you have to mean it” He said. She felt her stomach do a flip, he had never went so far as to call her baby before, and that in itself brought a soft moan from her lips. She felt Harry smile against her check and nod in satisfaction.

“Good. Now take your hand and run it up my shirt. No, under my shirt, rub my abs.” He said and gently guided her hand up and down his soft torso. She knew she was supposed to be watching his instructions, but (y/n) couldn’t help but stare into those beautiful green eyes, and they stared back. It felt like an eternity before he let go of her hand and broke the eye contact to lean down and kiss her.

(Y/n) took this as her opportunity to try to show Harry she knew a little bit of what she was doing, and she reached down to the hem of his shirt and pulled it off. Harry immediately resumed the kiss after his shirt was off.

They continued to make out for quite some time, which came more naturally than either of them expected. After a while (y/n) broke the kiss. “Shouldn’t we do something else…” she said awkwardly. “Oh, uh yeah. I guess we should” Harry muttered, he had gotten so caught up in her sweet kisses he forgot completely that he was only supposed to be teaching her, teaching her how to please someone else.

Harry smiled soothingly; “How about we just get this part over quickly so we can get to the good stuff” He said and reached for her shirt, stripping it from her body. They both continued to remove each other’s clothing. Harry gave her small tips whenever needed. He was so eager to see her body; admittedly he had been fantasizing about it since they met, and the sight of his beautifully naked best friend in front of him now made him rock hard, which he couldn’t hide anymore.

Harry lay down on his back, propping himself up on the pillows and spreading his legs slightly, letting his length stand intimidating in the air. “Sit between my legs, (y/n)” She nodded nervously and positioned herself where he had said. “Take my cock in your hands” He said through gritted teeth, preparing himself for the pleasure she was about to give him.

“Yes, good girl. Now go up and down. Yeah, mm, like that slowly, yeah, twist your hand a little, too” Harry’s eyes were now closed as (y/n) small hand worked at Harry’s length. (Y/n) began to get more and more confident and without instruction she leaned down and placed her lips around the head of Harry’s cock. She immediately heard a moan of approval erupt from Harry, and she knew she was catching on quickly.

“Bob your head up and down, (y/n)… yes, good, no slowly, yeah.. oh god” He moaned, and instinctively reached down to tangle his hands in her hair. “You learn quickly” Harry chuckled and opened his eyes for the first time to look down at her as (y/n) gently flicked her tongue repeatedly over the tip of his cock, teasing him.

“Now, gently, and I mean gently, run your teeth over me, yes good.” He moaned louder and clutched her hair tighter as she followed his instructions. “Suck baby, suck and bob” She once again followed his instructions and saw him close his eyes in pleasure. (Y/n) smiled, she felt so good giving Harry this much pleasure she never wanted it to end. “Stop, baby, stop” Harry said abruptly. (Y/n) lifted her lips off of him quickly and blushed. “Did I do something wrong? I’m shit aren’t I? I knew it.”

“No, (y/n), you were great. Probably the best I’ve ever had…” He said, and he meant it. It was amazing how quickly she caught on. “I just didn’t want to cum now; it would ruin the best part” Harry said with a sly smile and reached over the side of the bed to grab a condom out of the pocket of his now discarded jeans, opening it and putting it on quickly, trying not to waste any time.

“Come here” he said eagerly, he couldn’t wait any longer, he needed her. Harry grabbed (y/n) by the ankles and pulled her down onto her back. “Spread your legs for me” He said, reaching down to grab his cock and position it at her entrance. She obeyed and opened herself for him. “Are you ready?” He asked kindly. (Y/n) nodded and bit her lip, “I’m ready”.

Harry nodded and pushed his tip inside of her. (Y/n) immediately threw her head back and let out a slight yelp from the discomfort. “I know, baby, I know, just bear with me, it’ll get better I promise.” Harry cooed as he pushed himself further and further inside of her. “Wrap your arms around me for support” He said slightly out of breath.

Once he was fully inside of her he paused for a moment, letting her adjust to his size. “Tell me when you’re ready” He said, planting light kisses along her neck and jawline. Eventually (y/n) felt ready and gave him the nod. Harry began rocking his hips, pushing himself slowly in and out of her. The first few times all (y/n) felt was discomfort, but after she adjusted Harry could tell she was enjoying it by the way she was now moaning.

“Try and rock your hips with me, (y/n)” He breathed, and she obeyed. It took her a moment to get in rhythm with him, but they soon were in tandem, working together to please each other. Harry’s strides were slow and meaningful. He didn’t want to hurt her; she was so small and fragile. He had fantasized about having sex with her so many times before, and now that it was actually happening he didn’t want to mess it up. Everything just felt so damn good.

“I’m going to speed up, okay? Try and keep up.” He muttered, out of breath into her ear and resumed kissing along her neck. He bucked his hips quicker, making them lose their rhythm, but (y/n) soon caught up to him and they were back in tandem.

“Oh, fuck… God (y/n) you’re so tight…” he muttered and placed his forehead against hers. She blushed, but the comment was soon forgotten as Harry once again struck her sweet spot, pulling a loud moan from (y/n) lips. As they continued to rock against each other, Harry could tell (y/n) was beginning to get tired from lack of experience. He reached down and clutched her hips with his large hands, helping her to stay in rhythm with him. It was clear now she needed no further instructions, and he allowed himself to take the lead, helping to guide her.

As harry was now propped up he took advantage of the sight in front of him. (Y/n) was sprawled out, her hips propped up on his knees with her core rocking against his. Her back was arched slightly, providing a better angle for both of them. Her eyes were squeezed shut, although he wished they were open, and her small hands were clutching the bed sheets. Harry watched her lips intently, every once in a while they would part slightly, letting a loud moan escape from them. Harry was in love with the fact he was giving her so much pleasure.

“Harry I-I think I’m close…” (y/n) spoke through her moans, pulling Harry out of his trance. Harry leaned forward, propping his elbows at either side of her head and connected their lips. “Hold on, (y/n) I’m almost there, too.” He said through kisses and continued to rock slowly into her, trying to draw their time out.

Breaking the kiss both of them had been savoring, Harry worked his way down to her ear, kissing around it for a moment. “Come for me” He said intimately, and on cue he felt (y/n)’s walls tighten around him as she screamed out his name. One of her hands tightened in his hair, bracing herself, and the other ran her finger nails sharply down his back while she buried her face into his shoulder.

“Fuck, (y/n)” he mumbled as he felt himself explode inside of her, the feeling was numbed slightly because of the condom but it was still intense. Harry used his knees to spread her still propped up legs farther apart to let himself in deeper and continued to pump in and out, drawing out their climaxes. “Oh god, fuck, you’re so good (y/n), so good” he mumbled sweetly in her ear as he felt both of them coming down.

(Y/n)’s breathing was heavy, with her eyes lightly shut she held onto the sensation of Harry continuing to kiss along her neck and collar bone, eventually making his way back up to her lips. He rolled over onto his back, breaking the connection for a brief moment but he quickly pulled her back over to him, rejoining their lips.

“So how did I do?” (y/n) asked almost slyly, because she knew it was good, beyond that, it was great. “It was fantastic.” Harry breathed, still on a high from his orgasm. “We should do this more often” He said, and she could tell by the softness of his voice he was tired, and admittedly so was she. “We will, I can promise you that” (Y/n) said with a smile and a yawn. She tucked herself into Harry, enjoying to warm protection she felt just by touching him. She closed her eyes and began to drift off into a well deserved deep sleep. Tonight was amazing, and they both silently knew, that it would not be their last, and what a lovely thing to know right before they slipped into the comforting darkness and sweet sleep.

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