Chapter 22

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The ride to my parent’s house was silent with the exception of Cobra Starship and Sabi singing “You Make Me Feel”. I glanced over at Nate and instantly knew what he made me feel. Disgusted, angry and sick, just to name a few off the top of my head. Despite that, I found myself humming the tune long after it was off of the radio. That song was ridiculously catchy.

When we arrived, it was to the sound of Stevie Nicks singing about being on the “Edge of Seventeen”. My father was probably ecstatic for the chance to show off his new surround sound if only to prove to my mother that splurging on it was worth it for occasions like this. The thought of seeing my father for the first time in ages brought a smile to my face. He was the first person I looked for as I entered the house without knocking.

“Lizzie!” He exclaimed.

“Daddy!” I exclaimed before I rushed to embrace him.

It’s funny because prior to moving out, my father and I had argued about every petty thing under the sun. Our arguments ranged from whose turn it was to do the dishes to him accusing me of losing his big font calculator. That last one had caused more strife than it was worth, because he found it next to his recliner where he had left it later that afternoon. It was one of the few times he had apologized to me.[a/n True story]

“You convince mom that the stereo was worth the money yet?” I whispered inconspicuously through teeth.

He pulled back from our hug and replied around a smile, “Not yet. Still working on it.” [a/n Also true]

“Lizzie, honey! I’m so glad you could make it. Linda will be so pleased when she finds out you and Nate made up and came together. Can you believe your father spent an arm and a leg on this little stereo here?”

“Of course! Totally worth it right dad?” I beamed at my mother and then turned to my father for confirmation. I wanted to burst out laughing. The crestfallen look that passed over her features was hilarious. My father was smirking because he knew that I knew exactly where that conversation had been headed before it had even commenced.

“I’m going to go find Linda and tell her that you kids are already here.” She walked off muttering under her breath something along the lines of me being too much like my father.

“You should spend time with your mother Lizzie. She’s gets put out that you’re always “accidentally” taking my side.”

“I could always go find her and tell her I was joking and that I think your new stereo was a big waste of money…” I sighed.

“Why would you do that though? This stereo is the greatest thing since potato chips and high blood pressure medication. ”

“To bond with my mother, of course! That is what you wanted, is it not?” My father glanced back and forth between his stereo and me. I looked up at him solemnly hoping he wouldn’t call my bluff. Sadly, bonding with my mother was the last thing I really cared to do. I loved her, but I was content with our relationship as it was.

“Well you don’t need to start right this minute… you girls can go out to lunch on me! That would be a great way to bond!” He replied excitedly. “And a great way to keep my stereo.”

I laughed, because that was all I could think to do. He cracked me up; I only regretted that we didn’t have this relationship when I lived here. Oh well, no use crying over spilled milk. I was about to walk away when I felt him stop me.

“Did you and Nate break up?”

I froze. Who had told him? Because I sure as hell hadn’t; as far as I knew, he didn’t know about Nate and I. Period.

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