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Lunch time finally came and I was sitting on a table with Brent half the pack was on this table, I had no idea what they were talking about even Eva went to get something to eat.

From the corner of my eye I saw some humans sitting their looking at me I knew what they were going to do and I wasn’t going to show them I was taken I like watching their hopeless attempts.

Remember what I said about pissing the principle of? Brent was acting like my mother and stopped me my plan was full proof we wouldn’t have got caught and even if we did I told Brent I would take the blame but no…he likes to follow the frigging rules!  He said he wouldn’t let me get into trouble for him.

I smiled at them innocently leading them on and the hottest one got up and began trailing towards me I smirked.

“Hey” he said his blonde hair covering his eyebrows he could have bushes instead of eyebrows as far as I'm concerned!

The whole table stunned into silence probably thinking why a human would hit on the alphas mate “Yeah” I said brushing him off.

“I like girls who play hard to get” oh my god I think Brent said this when we first met I think.

I scoffed “oh young stupid person some times its not called ‘playing hard to get’ its called ‘piss off and leave me alone’ understood” I said confidently.

“Oh that’s what all the girls say and next thing you know their screaming my name” he said, I heard Brent growl I put my hand on his calming him down.

“Your neighbours won’t hear me anytime soon” I retorted.

“Maybe they will-” he was cut off by Brent slamming his fists on the table.

His face lost all colour, I tried to brighten up the mood Brent looked like he was going to turn any second “what should I do?” I mouthed to Zed.

“I don’t know” he mouthed.

I held Brent’s hand “say hi to my” I know I'm going to regret saying this but I need to make the human go away and calm Brent down “my” I swallowed “boyfriend” I said.

He looked shocked “dude I'm….bro….I didn’t know she was your chick……….ah man……..if I did I wouldn’t hit on her…………I'm sorry” he said apologetically.

“Yeah its okay just go” I said hurriedly.

“Brent calm down” I said “calm” I said again.

His jaw was clenched and he still seemed like he was going to change “someone help me out what should I do” I said helplessly.

“Urmmm…………….Brent...calm down?”  I tried again epic fail.

“Let’s go outside calm you down, come on” I said.

He was trying to calm him down I pulled his hand and took him outside the cafeteria. I pulled him into a hug I got on my tip toes “jellybean calm down, he’s a stupid human he doesn’t know what he was doing” I whispered knowing I was breathing on his ear that turned him on he should be calming down.

I leaned my head on his shoulder and kissed his neck softly, he was still shaking with anger DAMN! It works in books why the hell is he so angry get over it!

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