Chapter 5: Sibling Love...and Rivalry

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Everyone remained in a transfixed state as Saku presented his sisters Lexi and Aries who had just arrived in their Classroom. They both had the full attention of every guy in the room. Saku had just introduced him, with everyone now murmuring. Lexi was average height with long blonde hair, down her back and front, with green and silver eyes and a moderately curvy figure. She was only wearing a white shirt, and no jumper, to attempt to show off her curves. She seemed to brim with confidence and loved to eat up all the attention.

Aries on the other hand looked a bit more mellow or quieter. Aries was quite tall, a head above the rest, with brown eyes and a very well-endowed bustline that was wider to some degree than she was. Unlike Lexi she wore the school uniform...which didn't help to hide her chest size. Aries had long blonde hair albeit in a long thick ponytail with brown eyes. Unlike Lexi though, Aries was quite laidback.

All the students in the room were all murmuring at the two guests "That's Lexi Stritos. She's a world renowned fighter" "as is the second. Aries Stritos, is said to be the scariest girl you'll ever fight" "but they are both gorgeous aren't they?" a sharp glare from Ms Reapa silenced everyone

"Now then. These two are technically students but will also be instructors. Now I'm afraid this lesson is being cut short...due to the trip with Mia I have to help organize. So you are free to do as you wish" the look of relief came up on their faces "HOWEVER..." they all froze again "stay out of trouble" with that Ms Reapa left.

All the girls funnelled out of the room while all the boys gathered round the two girls "Oh my gosh...Lexi Stritos. She's so gorgeous and beautiful" "That bust...and those curves"

"That's right your heart out" said Lexi as she posed with her hips to the side and hands above her head

"Oh, yessss" all the boys swooned which made Saku groan "So cute and curvy, she's every guy's dream" "Aries is just as good" "She has such a nice smile, and a very gifted body herself" "wow...I've never some that large. Their like the size water" suddenly a stern look from Aries silenced them.

"now boys...I won't have any...dirty thoughts...understand?" although she was smiling her vibe had turned manacing "Now go...before I get angry" with that every single one, literally, bolted out of the room.

Sophie and Anastasia were petrified "Aries' reputation is well founded" said Sophie daring not to move "It's said she actually made a guy collapse....just by looking at him"

"If she's like that normally" said Anastasia nervously "imagine what she's like...fighting"

"That's Aries" said Saku "ironically she despises dirty thoughts. Despite the fact she attracts a lot of attention"

"Aww" said Aries in a cute tone "I can't help it if I'm well gifted"

"As for you" said Saku looking at Lexi "What's the deal with your outfit? Do you want the boys staring at you?"

"Oh...what's wrong? Are you jealous that I get all the attention" said Lexi in a sarcastic tone "there's nothing wrong with..." she then pulled a pose showing her curves "showcasing what your given"

"There's nothing with covering yourself up either" said Saku in a sarcastic tone which made Lexi annoyed as she leaned closer towards him

"Oh...just because I've got fans"

"I'd prefer the term followers or stalkers" the friction and sparks could be felt as they were an mere inch from each other.

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