Chapter 19

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Over the next few days, it had become evident to Anne and Gemma the severity of damage done to Harry's brain. Ever since the day they got back to the hospital, Harry had been restless, and near unable to express his emotions in a clear enough way, which naturally led to more outbursts. Thankfully, Anne and Gemma were able to keep Harry from further injury to his head. Anne decided to keep Harry out of school for a few days, because of the new complications that would prevent him from learning.

One morning, Anne awoke to the sound of rustling, and shuffling coming from down the hall. She got out of bed, and walked towards the source of the noise. Harry was pacing his around his room, and everything in it was on the floor. "H-Harry," Anne asked hesitantly, while stepping in the doorway. He stopped pacing, and rushed over to his mother. His eyes were blood shot with dark circles under them. "M-mum, I c-can't..." He said, with uneven breaths.

"You can't what, baby?" Anne took him by the shoulders, and led him to sit down on his bed. "Can't... T-think... Want out!" He yelled. Anne started to rub small circles into his back, but stopped when his body flinched away from her. "What do you want out of, Harry? You have to try and tell me, or else I can't help you." She said, calmly.

"Want out... My head. Can't think." He started biting his thumb, and gently rocking his torso back and forth. Harry didn't understand why he couldn't speak all of a sudden. It was like his brain had completely shut down on him, and he was trapped in his own mind. "I w-want out mum! L-let me out! Please mummy! I want out!" He shouted, as he brought his knees to his chest, and sobbed his heart out.

Anne would rather die than see her son in the state he was in currently. She was sure that it had been days since he had a full night's sleep, and with all the set-backs taking full effect, she knew he would have a meltdown. "Okay, here's what we're gonna do," She cupped his face in her hands, and looked straight into his tear filled eyes. "You're gonna take your pain medicine, because I'm sure your head hurts, right?" She asked, and Harry gave a weak nod of the head. "Then you need to eat breakfast, and then I want you back in bed, alright?" She wiped away a few stray tears on his face, and led him to the kitchen.

Harry sat himself down on a barstool behind the kitchen counter, and stared blankly ahead. Anne kept a close eye on him while pouring him a glass of apple juice, and taking two pain killers out of his prescription bottle. "Alright, take these and the pain in your head will go down." She handed him the pills, and glass, which he instantly put on the counter, and folded his arms across his chest with a frown on his face. "I know you don't like pills, but if you want the pain to go away, I suggest you take it." She said, pushing the glass and medicine closer to him. Harry sighed in defeat, and put one of the pills in his mouth, taking a long swig of juice to wash it down, doing the same with the other pill moments later.

"Good, now what do you want to eat?" Anne said, leaning her elbows on the counter, smiling warmly at her baby. Harry only shrugged, and looked solemnly at the glass sitting in front of him. "I know you didn't lose your ability to speak, Harry. Talk to me, please." She said with a slight smile.

Harry sighed heavily, and rubbed at his red rimmed eyes. "I-I want c-er-eal... Cereal. Please?" He blushed a little bit, at the way he sounded. Anne smiled proudly, and turned to get the food.

She put the food in front of him, and got a stuttered "Thank you" in response. Harry ate pretty quickly, and once he was finished eating his cereal, he picked up his bowl, and slurped up the remainder of the milk, leaving a milk mustache on his lip. Anne busted out laughing, and grabbed a paper towel. Harry's face scrunched up, as she gently wiped the milk away. His eyes began to droop, and he yawned loudly, while rubbing at his forehead with the heel of his hand. "Ready to sleep?" Anne asked, while rinsing his bowl and glass, and putting them in the dishwasher. To her surprise, Harry shook his head, and went to sit on the couch.

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