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Pen Your Pride

The Unknown World Of Vampires

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sooooooo. i'm thinking about changing the title, what do you think? yes? no? maybe?. tell me you're comments :). here's chappie uno! i'm extremely sleepy so bare with me, for mistakes may come >:3. it's not edited sooo...i'll just shut up now


I slammed my foot against the brake pedal, jerking slightly as my car came to a stop at a red light. I was late for work, tired, sick, and furiated. All my emotions mixed up in a jumble. I looked in the mirror looking at my face, slightly purple bags under my eyes, cheeks red, eyes puffy, skin pale, black hair sticking in all directions. I looked like a mess. I was happily sleeping in my nice warm bed when my damn boss called saying exactly this and i qoute 'WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?! THE CASHEIR ISN'T GONNA RUN IT SELF!' the dude is a complete douche bag at that, i swear he needs angerment management classes.We even have nick names that we call behind his back and sometimes in front of him and he's so oblivious that we're talking about him. 'fat-ass mc hinster' 'bloated air balloon' anything you can think of we call him. I groaned and replied back, today was my day off. My first day off since I started this bloody job, I remember that day like I remember my name.


I looked down at the tabloid in my hand, filled with jobs. I had nearly marked out every job there was becoming frustrated "where can I find a perfect job....?" i whispered to myself, tapping my chin with the pen. I looked around at the new place i called home, California. Yep, i'm a California girl now and honestly, i'm not happy about it. I hate the song by katy perry since she looked like a complete slut, seriously, who in their right minds would wear cupcakes on their breasts? the top looked too small for her showing off her boobs. I scoffed, i have a feeling my skins gonna end up sun kissed by the time i'm done here. i started walking still looking at the tabloid, just then did i realize that i had crossed out every job available, i groaned and ran a hand through my hair ploping down on a near by bench. i looked at the stores on the other street, Betty's Bouquet, Swirl's ice cream, Help wanted, Denim Fever- wait! back the train up! i looked back to the store, my eyes gleaming when i saw the sign. i looked up to the heavens mouthing a 'thank you' i pushed myself off the bench and ran across the street before checking both ways. I literally sprinted into the diner crashing into something hard, causing me to fly to the floor. I looked up and there stood the boss glaring down at me. "can i help you?" his voice was deep and filled with hate "i mean that was quite a show you put on, flying through my diner like some hulligan' i narrowed my eyes at him and shoved my body off the floor. I glared up at the very handsome man i called my boss. his eyes were hollow and looked deep into my soul  like he didn't like what he saw on the inside and out.

"i'm not a hulligan. and for you're imformation I only came here to get the job, but from what I can see i'm not welcomed here" I turned to leave when his deep voice 

"if you're here for the job then..." he huffed "i guess you can have it" then he mumbled something along the lined of 'i'm...regret' i smirked and almost jumped up and down in glee. i'm gonna regret working here with this douche bag always on my bag.

"thank you sir. when do i work?" he ran a hand through his hair, sighing

"next week, you'll be working as a cashier" i nodded and walked out the door. 


And that right there is how i got my job, and i regret taking the offer. I heard a honk coming behind me snapping me from my thoughts. i looked behind me and there was a whole line of cars honking their cars asses off. i rolled down my window and flipped them all off "calm you're asses down! just because you have no lived doesn't mean you can ruin my day!" yep, I was the type to talk back, have a good challenge, stubborn, but with all that i'm just a average girl. I rolled the window back up noticing the light was green, I gripped the steering wheel turning my nuckles white and drove off.

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