Chapter 8

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Stealing Hearts 6/13/13

Chapter 8

Allison’s POV

“I jus’ dunno why it’s always meh.”


“I mean wook at them! They awre so cwute!”


“Don’t twey wook-“

“Damnit Ashley stop talking with pudding in your mouth I can’t understand what the hell your saying.” She shrugs at me as if she’s saying what are you gonna do about it. I glare at her, taking the pudding cup right from out of her hand and squeezing it into my mouth. She throws the sticky spoon at me that I dodge pretty easy. A rude nurse that Ash and I both dislike just happens to walk by at that exact moment making the spoon hit her right in the stomach making a big brown spot. My hand fly’s to my mouth trying to cover up my giggles that threaten to escape my mouth. Ashley wasn’t so lucking as she lets out a strong cackle to the unfortunate nurse. The nurse whose name I refuse to learn storms out. We hear a copy of muffled giggles by the other nurses. I burst out laughing knowing how mad the nurse will be tomorrow. Ash’s face is all red from laughing so hard. This only made us laugh harder.

“Alright, what happened in here with Nurse Samantha?” Cathy, our favorite nurse, who is also like a mother to us, walks in trying to hide her smile on her lips. I giggle like a little child who knows they did a good kind of bad. I point at my sister in bed trying to do something preoccupied to try and hide the fact that she threw the spoon.

“Oh yeah Allison, blame the sick person lying in the hospital bed.” We set out into another set of giggles; Cathy just smiles and shakes her head. She was the longest nurse that has lasted the two of us together. She’s really been there since the start of everything.

“Alright girls. It’s eleven o’clock, get you asses to bed before I sedate you both.” Cathy jokes around turning off the light. “Goodnight y’all. Sleep tight.” The door closes shut leaving my sister and me in complete darkness. A light snore signals that Ash has gone to sleep pretty quickly again. She gets more tired by each day passing. It makes me stressed knowing that I may not be able to get the money in fast enough. I get up throwing the small blanket to the side. I walk to the window pulling back the curtains. The hospital got a good location, on top of a little hill over viewing the entire city. All the city lights light up the darkness of the night sky. A few stars shine bright but the light from the city is a little over powering for most stars to, shine. I open the window letting the soft summer breeze flow through letting the curtains drift in the wind. I soft smile pulls up my lips just letting all the stress float out the window. I shut the window back, and pull the curtains closed. I wonder back to my hospital chair that will have to work as a bed. I stumble a bit, running into a bunch of things in the darkness of the room. I finally find my chair and pull the blanket back over top of me before letting myself drift to sleep with a million things running through my mind leaving track marks imprinting onto my brain.

The five o’clock vibration buzzes against my leg letting me know that it’s time to get up and go. I fix my hair in the mirror, and straighten out my clothes. I wipe the smeared makeup out under my eye. I pinch my cheeks trying to bring some color back to my lifeless face. I pull my converse on my feet, and grab a sticky note from the normal side table.

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