About Wynter Isabella Frost

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Hi! I'm Winter Isabella Frost! Here is a little about me:

I have long, white hair and greyish-whitish eyes. I am seventeen years of age with my birthday being on October 8th, though it hasn't been celebrated in six years. Why? That's when my mom died and when my dad turned into an abusive monster. I hate him with all my heart.

It's probably best to tell you about my life since her tragic passing, so here it is. My mom died from a car accident- which I feel totally responsible for. My younger sister, Lauren and I had been goofing around in the back of the car playing footsies. My mom turned her head to scold us for the millionth time.

Oh how much I regret playing that game. She ended up hitting another, bigger vehicle when she drove into the wrong lane and died instantly. Lauren, six at the time, and I, eleven at the time, lived with only a few cuts and bruises. A few months later my dad turned to drinking to solve his depression problem. A year later (almost a year and a half after the crash) he began abusing my sister and I. For the first few months it was bearable; just a punch or a slap across the face.

Over time it's gotten worse. Now it leaves us bleeding or with broken bones if he's mad enough. Of course, I always get it bad because Lauren is my whole world and I refuse to let him hurt her if I can be there to stop it.

l have two best friends besides Lauren. Their names are Scarlet and Aqua and they are the two best friends anyone could ever have! lf people ask about my bruises or scars from beatings they help me lie. They don't like it, but they understand that if social services find out then Scarlet and Aqua won't see Lauren and I anymore. I think they are starting to rethink lying for me though since the abuse gets worse and worse.

Some of my favorite music artists are One Direction (obvi), Fall Out Boy, Taylor Swift, Coldplay, and Christina Perri. I LOVE singing and writing. They are both how I express my emotions. My favorite color is White like my lovely hair and I enjoy reading.

Anything else about me you will learn later.

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