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It was just another restless, late night working in the gym. Ever since I lost one rightfully belonged to me, I haven't been able to think. My mind would keep wondering of how I could get my title back. That title was something I had worked so hard for and it slipped through my finger tips so easily.

Apparently, I was to lost in my thoughts and music to realize that my friends and team mates, The Shield had showed up beside me.

"What are you guys doing here?" I asked as I stepped off the stair stepper.

"Well, Noah, we could be asking you the same exact same thing. This is like the fifth night we have found you working yourself too hard." Dean had said, handing me a water bottle.

I sat down and sighed.

"You guys don't understand. All of  you still have your titles, out of all of us, I was the only one to lose mine at the WrestleMania. I mean, how could I lose it to someone especially a rookie!"

It's been at least 2 weeks since I lost my title to Paige, a rookie, and I still was pissed. Everything I worked for was taken away from a damn rookie. Deep down, I felt like the loser of my team. Hell, was the only one out of us without a title.

"Look, you still get a rematch, its not like you lost it forever." Roman had said as Seth nodded is head in agreement.

I sighed. I know the boys were right, but I needed this match now. My title needed to be with me.

Finally I had gave into the boys and went back to our hotel room. Sleep is something I needed, but something that I never got.

As soon as we got into the room, I dashed for the bathroom, needing a shower. I let the hot water consume my body and I was finally able to relax, but of course it was shortly ruined by Seth barging in to use the bathroom.

"Really? You do know I'm in here, right?" I peeked my head out of the shower with my eyes closed in hope of not seeing anything I didn't want to.

"I needed to use the bathroom and you were taking too long." He shot me that god awful cute grin that I couldn't resent.

Its honestly so weird how much we act like a couple, but every time someone brings it up we just cringe. I'm not denying him, I'm just saying that he isn't the boyfriend type for me. Or at least I think so.

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