Chapter Five : The Storm

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Chapter Five : The Storm

School day.


The day where _______ had to become an early bird. But the worm wasn't something she'd want, since it was school. Hey, she'd feel better if school burned in hell. Which student wouldn't want school to take a few days off to hell?

The alarm clock rang, literally jumping up and down and blaring ridiculously loud for all it was worth. And it was jumping right beside a bed, on which only a lump of bed head and a rather crinkled blanket could be seen. The whole room was completely devoid of any dazzling accessories, just a bed, a dressing table with nothingness occupying the drawers, a bookshelf occupied by books, and two doors, one to the toilet, one to the hallway. Full of pastel and no loud colors that stuck out like sore thumbs.

After some time when the alarm clock should be retiring for the day, a hand finally shot out and lowered onto it with a blow, effectively muting its shrill ringing once but not for all. Scrambling out of her warm nest, ________ got up, and immediately got off her bed before sleep could tug her back. Without tidying her bed, she switched off the fan and made her way downstairs.

After going through the morning routines, she went to the dining room for breakfast. Just some toast, with butter and jam, then she was done. Her bag was packed, filled with textbooks and exercise books, all the stationery she would need, all prepared last night after she returned home with Piko.

Slinging her bag over her shoulder, she left for school after closing her door.


It was like this every morning when the days were school days. Of course, the normal days where one goes to school and returns home safe.

The entrance led to the school hall, where most students gathered if they chose not to wait at the cafeteria. Which wasn't a lot, since there were idols at the cafeteria, keeping their fan club busy. One of them was Piko. Ever since he had a reputation, he never walked with ______ to school anymore, per her request. He was even thoughtful enough to not stay at the hall and wait for her arrival. It was probably the best for her, she didn't want to challenge the patience of those girls that claimed themselves to be his harem.

A harem, ______ chuckled, with no trannies. Since there weren't any self-proclaimed trannies in school anyway, Piko had nothing to fear as long as they lay low.

The school hall was spacious, with two luscious curtains covering the stage. The clock hung above the line that separated the two curtains was this school's version of Big Ben, just with nothing oscillating underneath it. The chime afterwards echoed throughout the hall, just loud enough for the students to hear, including those that weren't in the cafeteria.
Five minutes later, all the students filed into their own classrooms after an announcement _______ did not particularly pay attention to.


After the typical lessons, it was break time. Since all the classrooms will be locked to lessen any likelihood of theft, every student was required to abide by the rules and leave.

The cafeteria would be full of people, since, as much as _______ knew, Piko would be there and his fan club would follow him wherever he went. ______ had given up trying to race her classmates to the cafeteria long ago, so she always brought her own food . Today, she had two pieces of bread, with mayonnaise and tuna sandwiched between. She retired to the sides of the cafeteria to eat, where she always went so that she wouldn't block the flow.

And just then, a foot stuck out right before she passed, probably intending to trip her. _______ tripped, just like a normal person but shot out her other foot just in time and regained her footing, saving herself from embarrassment and the food in her hands from getting dirtied. When she subtly looked back towards where the foot extended from, there was no telltale sign that betrayed the culprit. She decided to shrug it off, get some food in her and act like nothing happened.

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