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I release my grip from her neck.
It takes me a while to realize she's no longer breathing.
I wasn't even choking her that hard, I must've got carried away.

She used to be mine.

She tried to leave me.
Just like the others.
All she had to do was accept me.
How hard is that?

What a worthless slut.
I thought she was different.

Women are so fragile.
They can't handle pain.

I wouldn't consider myself a killer, I enjoy inflicting pain.

Pain is simply an art, an outlet.

Cuts, bruises, and blood cover her body.
There she was, lying there... naked and lifeless.
But for a dead woman, she's still awfully sexy.

I can't help but eye her dead body.
I've never been the one to practice necrophilia, but right now I'm strongly considering it.

I spread her legs wider and slam myself in and out her guts.
Her head slams against the wooden headboard and her breasts bounce. I suck on them.

Her insides are still warm, but it sucks she isn't alive to clench around me.

I came.
Maybe once... or twice.
Then I pissed on her face because I felt like it.

At least she won't get pregnant.
I chuckle at the thought of that.

Once I was finished, I shove her dead body off the bed and she hits the floor with a thump.

This is what happens to women who try to leave me.


I've decided to rewrite these chapters

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