Chapter 1: New Home

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As I followed my mom off of the plane, she leads us to our car that was bought here when we're back at my old home. "Our stuff is already at the house and already put in the places we want, you can change it if you don't like it. Okay, sweetie?" She said as we arrived at a normal size house with two floors. When we got into the house, Oreo attacked me with kisses all over my face as I bent down to pet him. Giggling, I picked him up.

After me and mom got settled in, she told me the most horrible news ever in history. "You're going to your new school tomorrow, so dress up and be ready early in the morning." After that, I went straight to bed and slept, hoping nothing bad will happen.

~~~~~~~~~~~ morning~~~~~~~~~~~~~

       I woke up with the sound of my alarm going off, and I slammed my hand on the clock. Rolling off my soft bed, I went into the bathroom that was connected to my room.

After I was done doing my routine in there, I came out with an outfit, that I usually wear at my old school, hoping that with these clothes will make no one notice me. I put on the hoodie that my mom bought for me, knowing I love to read. I think it was funny, because I love to do all three of the things on the shirt. As I went downstairs, there was no one there. I was used to this as I found a note from my mom saying, "Sorry honey, duty calls. Have fun at school." I threw the note away and got some breakfast.

When I was done, Oreo came down the stairs slowly. I went over to him and picked him up as I went over to his Dog food and placed him by it to eat as I got my book bag on, and pet his hair as he sat down on the floor earring his food. I exited the house, making sure to lock the door. I looked at the long road that I had to walk. 'So much for a great first day.'

When I finally made it to school, I went right inside, trying to find the main office. It took me ten minutes to find it. I entered the office and went up to the desk, where a woman were typing.

"Hi, my name is Dakota Smith. I'm new here." I wrote down and passed the note to her. The women looked up at me that went to a metal cabinet and pulled out a file. "Here you go, sweetie. This has your periods, locker number and combination, and a map of the school, so you know where your classes are." She said with a smile.

When I finally found my locker, I tried my combination and opened the door. As I got all my books out, the bell rang. I sighed as I closed my locker and walked to my first period. 'Math. In my old school I was in advance math, but I guess I have to learn this stuff all over again. I swear,  this is the worst day ever.' I thought.

After school, I went straight home. I didn't have to talk today and people kept on staring at me as I tried to hide my face behind my book. Nobody talked to me today, but I'm used to it. At lunch, I ate in the library. All in all, it was a horrible first day, and I was ready to leave.

I opened the front door, to be greeted by Oreo with his kisses. As I picked him up, I went in to the kitchen.  I went over to his food bowl, as I filled it up his tail stared to wag.  Oreo dug into the food, while I got cereal and ate with him.

After our little snack, I went to the living room and turned on my favorite show, The Walking Dead. But I just started it. I began to watch the show, where Rick and the others the barn and they just shot Carol's daughter. As Oreo climbed up on the couch, beside of me. While the show played, I watched as Shane tried to kill Rick in the field. I felt my eyes closed as I went into a dreamless sleep.

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