Watty Award!!!

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I just found out I won a Watty Award! Feeding Frenzy won a HQ Love Award for being one of the books most read and recommended by the staff at Wattpad. I feel very honoured and happy to know people are reading and enjoying my novel, and hope to reach more. 

I've lined up an award-winning editor and intend to publish a revised version of Feeding Frenzy on Amazon, Kobo, Apple and similar platforms. Stay tuned for updates regarding the publishing date, but don't worry, I won't be taking down the free Wattpad version. 

If you have been thinking of writing a novel on Wattpad, I say 'go for it!' Serializing Feeding Frenzy has turned out to be the best thing I did to advance my writing (and to meet a lot of cool people) since Halloween last year. Thank you for your votes, encouragement, and support. Without readers, writing is like one hand clapping. Thank you for collaborating with me.

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