Chapter 27

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“Matt,” I slurred. “Do you want me to get dressed in the bathroom?” I actually wanted to get undressed and changed in front of him. I guess it was the alcohol talking, but I figured that it would truly show my feelings for him.

“Look, get changed in here. I’m going in to the kitchen to get you a glass of water. I want to minimise the risk and/or effects of a hangover tomorrow” he decided as he walked out of the room.

As he did, I slowly pulled my hoodie over my head and grabbed his t-shirt. It was huge and came down past my knees – almost like a nighty. I decided just to sleep like that. I was in an unusually flirtatious mood that night.

He soon came back into the room, as I was taking off my jeans. “Uh, do you need another minute or something?” he asked as he laid down a glass of water by his bed.

Trying to look at the situation, I couldn’t decide whether he intended to sleep with me or in another room. “No,” I replied somewhat smugly. “I’m just going to sleep like this. It’s cooler.”

Matt narrowed his eyes, trying to hide the fact that the corners of his mouth were trying to raise themselves. He wanted to smile.

“Okay, now drink this” he told me, off subject as he handed me the glass of water.

I glared at it in bemusement before taking a large gulp, which actually made me want to be sick. “No, no more. I can’t take anymore” I groaned, pushing the glass away from me.

He firmly held me by the arms and guided me over to the edge of his bed. I stared up at him, wondering – willing – something to happen. I knew that under the influence of alcohol I would be more open and honest with him and less shy about it too.

“Come sit,” I giggled, dragging down so that he was seated beside me.

“Matt…can we talk?” I added as nonchalantly as possible, but I couldn’t help show some of my excitement and exhilaration.

“About the kiss?” he added, finishing my sentence apologetically.

“Why are you being so hard on yourself?” I asked him, appearing pretty sober for once that night.

“Oh, let’s not get into this now. You’re drunk and you’ll say things you don’t mean” he wavered, staring down at the floor to avoid my in-his-face super glare.

“No, I’ll say what I really mean and wouldn’t if sober. Matt, I do really like you.”

At my revelation, he turned to me in complete and utter shock. “You do? I thought that after you found out about my mom and your dad you would be put off me forever.”

“No…we aren’t blood related. We aren’t even connected by marriage yet” I argued, trying to justify it to myself also. “I just figured because I know you like me…and I meant what I said earlier.”

“What you said earlier?” Matt asked, seemingly confused.

“That I loved you. Well, I’m not sure if its love yet. We’ve known each other for the best part of a week…but I really do have feelings for you. The only thing holding me back from kissing you back earlier was everything that is going on in our families.”

“But Charlotte…don’t you understand that it will never go away” he sighed, visibly disappointed. “It seems that my happiness isn’t all your father has taken away from me” he added in despair. Admittedly, I was shocked. I had no ideas his feelings were that strong.

“We can learn to live with it though” I soothed, daringly wrapping an arm around his huge shoulder. It wouldn’t actually go the whole way around.

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