Who touched you!

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Warning: sex (obviously)
Pairing: Mcstarr, Starrison
Sorry not a threesome

Story based off Lolita (1997) film

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"Ringo, come 'ere." Ringo felt a wave of discomfort when the young bassist urged him to sit on his lap. And the only thing Ringo was wearing was a buttoned up shirt and boxers, which made him feel more uncomfortable.

"Yes, Paul?" He sat on the edge of Paul's lap waiting for an answer.
Paul stared at Ringo, watching every move he made, he just really loved seeing Ringo wriggle on his lap.

"Do you think George would notice if I- touched you?" Ringo faced Paul, unsure about the situation before him.

"Excuse me?" Paul pushed Ringo higher up to his groin, letting his legs to spread out behind Ringo. Ringo sucked in air and stayed staring at Paul with confusion.

"Paul- I don't t-think-"

"Shh, he won't find out unless we tell him Ring's. Everything will be fine. Just relax." Paul started to use his sex tone on Ringo, which of course was so fucking arousing!

"Paul, please. I-I'm busy." Paul pushed Ringo on his hard-on and moved Ringo around it.

"Paul! No!" Ringo struggled through Paul's grip but he was weak compared to Paul. Ringo tried pushing away but Paul wanted to play hard to get.

"Come on don't be like that baby." Ringo gripped Paul's shoulders when Paul slipped his hand in the front of his boxers.

"Fuck!" Paul grinned and started pecking Ringo softly, Ringo's head fell to Paul's when Paul started to rub his hand against his hardened member.

"You like that baby. Do you want more?" The sexual frustration started rising up in Ringo and he couldn't say no anymore. So he just let it slip out of him.
"Fuck yes." Paul smirked and let go of his member; he unbuttoned his trousers and pushed his boxers and trousers down.

"Your turn sweetheart." Ringo stood up and pushed his boxers down and sat back onto Paul's lap.

Paul kissed Ringo harder than before, making sure he gets every inch of Ringo's mouth. Paul started unbuttoning Ringo's shirt, and trailed kisses to every button he undid.

"God Paul." Ringo held Paul's head while Paul undid his shirt. Paul gently took off Ringo's shirt and let it fall beneath them. He looked up into Ringo's eyes as he pulled him into another long heated kiss.
Paul never let go of Ringo's mouth, until Ringo pushed back and stared at the door. Paul didn't care if anyone walked in, he wanted Ringo so badly, he wanted to make this moment last, until George came back from rehearsing with John. Paul kissed and sucked on Ringo's neck until Ringo turned back around.

"Hey don't worry they'll be out for at least an hour, we have all the time for ourselves." Ringo shook his head and kissed Paul again.

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