OC Update!

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So now Brooke actually has a backstory, and some magical elements to her! It's about time too! We'll start with the basics and such. Some of this has not changed :3

(Note: No, that's not me, my name, or my age sheesh)

Name: Brooklyn "Brooke" Foreberg

Age: Whatever fits for the story really. But technically if we're talking about now, maybe 19?

Gender: Female

Appearance: (See above^) (She also has a white zip up hoodie with this design that I'll draw later in blue, purple, and green. She wears the hoodie occasionally)

Personality: Polite and nice to strangers if you catch her in a good mood, though she doesn't go out of her way to meet people or anything, she almost avoids them actually. She wears earbuds and listens to music often. If you find her in a bad mood, she'll be hostile and cold upon meeting her, but will probably regret it and apologize. She has a reasonable amount of patience, but will get jittery and bored pretty quickly, and soon frustrated after that if you're doing something she thinks she knows how to do. Can be serious if necessary, but she prefers not to be. She's ok with archery but loves it and wants to be better. Her weapon of choice is an ax, which she is highly skilled at(from years of using it), though there are others still better than her. She's often the one to make a joke or sarcastic comment to lighten the mood. She's much smarter than she lets on, and is often the one to notice someone feeling bad, or trying to hide their feelings and will ask what's wrong. She'll push a little if you don't tell her but it's all out of concern. After pushing a bit, she'll usually back off and wait for you to be ready to tell her yourself. As chill as she often seems she gets extremely overprotective of her friends and family and will do almost anything to keep them happy and safe. She usually attempts to laugh off her injuries to make it seem not as bad to others, even if tears are brimming in her eyes. When mad, she's passive-aggressive and even more sarcastic than usual. She can hold a grudge for a very long time if it's something serious.  A fast hands on learner but will get frustrated with herself if she doesn't get it relatively quickly. 

A bit of backstory(NOTE: If she's being inserted into a story and this doesn't fit or you don't want this backstory, you can just disregard it completely. This would be if I wrote my own story for her.): She was born into a not-exactly-rich-but-not-exactly-poor family with two brothers and a sister(She's the oldest sibling). Her mother taught her the basics of potions, and she learned more on her own about them. Her father wasn't the best fighter, but trained her and her siblings with melee weapons regardless. She uses an ax, her sister and the older of the two brothers use a sword, and the last brother uses a pickax(It was a joke a first, but then it just grew on him) Though unlike her, her family's main weapons are magic like most sorcerers.  Their family lives a rather large town of sorcerers with a wise and kind ruler, but strangely enough she can't access her powers. Due to this, she considers herself human. She always dreamed of adventure, but never could go very far due to overprotective parents. When she was 16 and finally got the consent of her parents, she moved out to go explore the world. She travels along with no official home, and one day she came to a wizard of an evil kingdom. She (being 16 and stupid) made a deal with the wizard(that's the mark on her right wrist) to be granted the ability to jump timelines and dimensions, but the catch is that if the wizard is on the verge of death or fighting someone he will most likely die to, she will instantly be teleported to save his life, even if it means her or one of her most loved ones dies. Her power obviously has limits, and she can only teleport herself and two other people, and it takes lots on energy. She makes trustworthy friends throughout the dimensions, some of which can "Jump" or "DH"(Dimension Hop) themselves. 

That's it! If you've got any questions ask away!

I'll update this if I find I've forgotten anything ^-^

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