Chapter 1

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"ECLI GET YOUR LAZY ASS OUT OF BED!!!!" I groaned and shoved my head into my pillow. I fucking hate that nickname!! My closest friend, Bandit has been screaming my name telling me to get ready for my fight.

Anywhore! Bandit barged into my room and tore off my blankets. I glared at her and sighed. "Fine! I'm up!" I said as I stood up and started walking into the bathroom. Well. My name is Eclipse Moon, I'm the last of my kind.. Dragons. We were hunted down because we have immense power. My dragons name is Red. She is a blood red and pitch black dragon. I was the biggest dragon on my planet. But when my moms died I was given their power and I grew.. Tripled my size. So I'm gigantic which felt weird at first.

I turned music on and took my clothes off and got in the shower. I cleaned my body, washed my hair, OH! My eyes are a deep bloody red, my hair is the color of my dragon. I stand at the height of 6"6 and I'm very cold hearted.

I got out of the shower, dried my hair and body, I walked out of the bathroom and got ready for my fight. I put on a pair of black basketball shorts, a black sports bra with a black tank-top over it. As you can see I love black. Then I put my black high tops on.

You see the fight is to the death. The only reason for that is because the underground fighting is for all shifters to fight.

I walked down stairs to get something to eat. As I got down stairs my friends mom came up to me "good! Your awake. Now time to eat So I can take you down to that area.." She said a little sad. You see, Bandits family are vampires, her mums a werewolf though, they know I'm a underground fighter but,

They know I'm a demon but not a dragon hybrid. I don't want to get the word out that there is a surviving dragon. The strongest of them all.. A Queen.

I smile at her "thank you Mrs. Grayson, I'll be ready soon"  she scolded me "I told you to all me Kayla!" Oh I forgot to tell you. Her moms name is Kayla and her dads name is Choal. I smile or well tried. "I know I'm sorry Mrs. Gray-" I caught myself and cleared my throat "thank you Kayla".

I eat and we head out. When we got there and I gave her a hug and told her I'd be fine. She nodded sadly "see you soon hunny" she said and then left.  I shake my head.

Mrs. Grayson thinks of me as her own daughter. And she got told that I'd be fighting to the death. 'Today is going to be amazing!!!' Red yelled at me.

I chuckled "And why's that?" Red just laughed at me and stayed quiet. I groaned in my head "whatever" Red has been very happy today and I have
No clue why.. It's kinda unsettling.

Welllll umm I need to go. I need to train. Well just work off some steam in the fitness room.

Hey guys okay so this is my first story so I'm kinda just making stuff up as I go along. I hope some people like it. Byeeeee!

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