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     When Sir Darius, the young and handsome knight, began to court her sister, Kat would peert out her peek hole and watch Anya and her love walk hand-in-hand across the moonlite beach. When he would brush a stray lock of dark hair behind her sister's ear, Kat began to feel something she had never before felt. Envy. Why should Darius court Anya? Kat was only a year her sister's junior, and just as able to court as the elder girl.

     So whenever Darius began to come calling, she made sure that she would answer the door before Anya could get there. She played the part of the young, mysterious, and ever so fair maiden. She was coy, discreetly flirtatious, innocent, and pretended to be fully supportive of the pair's happiness. Her efforts were not in vain and the first sin of Lust began to overtake her emotions.

      Soon, Darius' visits for her sister were less and less, and more and more for her. At first, she played the part of the shocked sister. "But Darius," she would whisper, horrified, "You are courting my sister!" And he would smile softly.

       "But she is not you," he would respond while brushing aside a lock of her hair. And whenever he would come to walk with her, Kat always made sure that Anya knew. Anya said nothing, but her eyes were filled with betrayl and sadness.

       The close bond and sisterly affection that were once shared between them began to crumble, now replaced with glowering stares and the second deadly sin: Envy.

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