I was doing everything got Bella because she had become incompetent and it was making me angry. I am not a personal maid to anyone she needs to get herself together because it is insane.  After school dad was ready at the front door. He made us sit on the couch emotionless.

"That's it," dad said looking at Bella. She looked at him confused. 

"What?" she asked.

"I am sending you to Jacksonville to live with your mother" he told her, dad and I had a conversation a few weeks ago about what was happening with Bella and how it wasn't fair on any of us. 

"No." she said desperately.

"This is not normal! It has not been fair on me and your sister. Kayla has had to stop her life apart from school to take care of you when I am at work," dad told her.

 She shook her head "Kayla does not do anything," she replied shaking her head like an insane person.

"The way you are acting is unacceptable. You need to go stay with your mother, get some sun on your skin and make some new friends because this is not living," Dad raises his voice.

"I like my old friends," she murmured, but loud enough for us to hear. I rolled my eyes yet again.

"You never see them anymore Bella! Kayla never sees you hanging with them. Other students have been saying that you always sit at the Cullen's table looking out of the window like your waiting for them to come back." 

"Jessica and I are going out for a girls' night. To watch a movie."

 "Please don't send me away," she begged him with her eyes wide in panic.

"I do not want you to go either Bell's. I love you and Kayla. If you promise to hang around with your friends again and get out of the house, then I will reconsider," he compromised. Bella nodded and walked upstairs. I stayed next to dad.

"You're looking a tad bit better baby girl," he gave me a small smile. I wish he was not so stressed out. He looks  much older than hr fif months ago.

"She will get better she's my only daughter," he says to himself, but I hear. What is he talking about?

I turn to him,"I think Bella should go to mom's...I don't think she will get better...She was raised by a selfish women and has turned into one. She needs to go live with mom because god knows you did not raise me to be that way. She's ruining everything," I crie.

"She has caused so many problems dad! Our life used to be like perfect or something. Every Sunday watch the games with Billy and Jake. Spend weekends at LaPush having fun. But then she came here and now we don't do anything except make the world revolve around her...But it doesn't dad. I don't feel bad for Edward leaving or Her maybe she deserved it...And she is not your only child," Dad tried to interrupt me, but I kept on glaring at him even. Why would he say something like that? 

"I'm your second child and I have been here with you I did not up and abandon you!!She needed to be taught a lesson that she is not perfect and Important. I learned that the hard way while she gets the easy way out. She deserves everything she's got coming to her. I'm the only one that stayed," I say angry at how Bella has destroyed our family. Me and dad barely talk anymore. All my rez friends left me. Everyone has left and there nothing I can do about it, then he has the nerves to say Bella is his only kid.

"Kayla don't say things like that about your sister she is doing better," dad says defensively and ignoring the part about Bella.

 I glare at him hard,"Bella this Bella that. News flash Bella is an attention seeking Hoe and thinks she's more special than us all when she is not! She is just like that sorry excuse of what people call my mother. It's the truth and everyone has to learn it and grow up," I yell with my blood boiling.

 Dad stares at me shocked and sad. he tries to grab my arm,  but I step back away from him. 

"What has she done to you?" I whisper disappointed before grabbing my bicycle. I get on it and ride away ignoring his pleads to come back.

I start pedaling, it's going to be a long ride down to La Push. Maybe will wreck and die. After what felt hours I finally make it to the small house that has Jacob Black inside.

I knock on the door and he answers shirtless, but I can hardly tell because of my teary eyes 

"Kayla why are you crying? Why are you here? Are you okay?" his voice is deeper than I remember. He hugs me to his body and leads me through the house.

"What did I ever do," I whimper. He sits down on the bed before pulling me onto his lap. His touch sending tingles through my body like Jasper, except warmer.

"I'm sorry Kayla for what I did. You didn't do anything wrong," he says his voice is more mature?

"Everyone hates me, They all left." I sob.

 "I'm a disgrace,"

"Kayla no you are not," he says lifting my chin up his brown eyes boring into mine. I run my fingers threw his short black hair. Confused as to why he would cut his hair. 

My hands travel to his shoulders and they are broader than usual. Next thing I know My lips connect with his and he responds back to my surprise. As the kiss get more heated cloths start disappearing and my back is on the bed.

During the experience it had started thundering and as the lighting flashed through the bedroom window I saw Paul and not Jacob.

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