-Chapter 2- In the beginning.... there was a lot of screaming

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She screams so loud, I yelp when Skylar's arms tighten around my waist, and I'm about to ask why when she yells into my ear.

"THIS IS NOT WHAT I IMAGINED!", She screams, holding onto me like her life depends on it, which I guess it kinda does.

I look at her in amusement, "We haven't even moved yet."

She opens her eyes in surprise, "We... haven't?"

"Nope. Now chillax. You're crushing my ribs," Not to mention cutting off my breathing

"Oh... sorry," She says, loosening her hold on my chest, and I inhale deeply. Air, how I've missed you.

"No prob," I glance back at her, "You ready now? Can I pull out of the parking lot?"

"Y-yeah... go ahead," She says weakly, and I grin, backing out of the parking lot and racing out onto the street. Almost instantly, her arms tighten around me, but due to safety, I don't comment this time.

I laugh when I turn the corners, and then I see my apartment building coming closer. I slow down to a stop, parking and then getting off the bike, "We're home."

I slide off the bike, turning to help Sky since she looks a bit shaky. Pocketing my keys, I begin walking toward the building, when I remember my helmet.

Turning and walking backwards so I'm facing Sky, I hold out my hands, "Helmet."

She slips it off, shaking her red curls out and then hands me the helmet, which I tuck under my arm with a smile, before turning and typing in the code for my room.

Opening the door and holding it open for Sky, I walk over to the stairs like I always do, only to get a questioning glance from Sky, "Why are you taking the stairs? There's an elevator right here."

Because I enjoy taking the stairs? I don't understand you people...

"You can take the elevator. I'm on the top floor. Meet you there," I say, before turning and beginning the climb up the 347 stairs in takes to get to my room.

Finding Sky hasn't made it to my floor yet, which is no surprise since the elevator sucks, I pull out my phone and scroll through Tumblr.

I glance up when I hear the elevator ding, and slide my phone in my pocket.

"'bout time. Ready to see the most amazing thing you've ever laid eyes on? Let's go."


I am so sorry it's such a short chapter. It just seemed like the perfect place to end it until I say how short it is. Please don't kill me....




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