Disclaimer: This piece was inspired by NoPressureJustBoxers's one shot entitled "Safe and Sound".
Also, this is the first one shot I had ever written, so it's not very good.


Rated R for sexual content

Night had fallen. Josh was walking home from the bar that evening, the streetlights unnecessary in lighting his path, for the headlights of the cars passing by and the bright lights from the skyscrapers around him were illuminating the sidewalk perfectly.

Josh was mentally drained from his time at the bar earlier that night. He hadn't wanted to go at all, but his "best" friend, Nathan, had forced him.

"You haven't been with a girl or a guy in forever, man," Nathan had said as he patted Josh roughly on the back in Josh's apartment. He somehow managed to persuade Josh to go to the bar with Nathan.

In the end, Josh had ended up drinking ice water alone at the bar while Nathan had already found two willing women to go back to his place. How Nathan did it, Josh would never know.

Either way, Josh was sulking to himself as he walked back to his apartment. It wasn't like Josh was going out of his way to be alone. It was just that he wasn't looking for a one night stand anymore like Nathan. Josh wanted to find someone he could be with for the rest of his life. Sappy, and a little cheesy, maybe, but that was what Josh truly felt like he needed.

Josh was so lost in his thoughts of whether or not he would ever find his one and only that he didn't realize he had turned down the wrong street. Or, make that alleyway.

The cars and buildings were no longer enough to light the ground beneath Josh's feet, and he was slightly worried when he realized where he was. He turned around to go back to the brightly lit sidewalk when he heard a whimper in the darkness. Josh spun on his heels and faced the noise.

"Hello?" Josh called out.

No one replied.

"Is anyone there?" Josh said, wondering if his ears were just playing tricks on him.

Suddenly he heard a low grumble and another whimper, affirming that he wasn't just hearing things and there was, in fact, someone in the alley.

Josh walked towards the noise as his eyes finally adjusted to the darkness. He could now make out two figures leaning against the brick wall of one of the run-down buildings. The smaller figure seemed to have its back to the wall, while the larger one was covering the small one with its body, its arms barricading the tiny body on both sides. Another whimper could be heard, and Josh was sure that it came from the smaller person. The only question, though, was whether the whimpers were of pleasure or of fear.

"Are you two okay over there?" Josh asked, creeping forward after asking so he could hear their replies.

Josh was thanking God at that moment that he had great hearing, because he could hear who he assumed to be the larger person whisper, "If you so much as swallow, I'm going to redecorate this alley with your innards." It was obvious that the larger person was a drunken man from the slur of his words to the deep tone of his voice.

Josh knew he had to act fast, so he quickly moved forward until he was directly behind the large man. He tapped the man on his shoulder, and when the man turned his head, Josh slammed his fist into the drunkard's nose as hard as he could. The brute stumbled backward and let go of the small person before standing upright again and swinging his fist at Josh haphazardly. Being that the man was completely hammered, Josh easily won the fight like a re-enaction of David and Goliath. The giant went tumbling to the hard ground, out cold.

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