Hello everyone! (which probably only consists of seven people or so, but whatever).

This collection is here so that I can get better at my writing, for story ideas, and for the enjoyment of my lovely readers.

Any hate comments, and you will be reported.

I am no longer taking requests.

Some of these will be R rated, others may be G rated. I don't know yet. The title to each one-shot, however, will say the rating.

Although those under 18 who are reading this summary probably won't listen anyway, I'm going to put the disclaimer here: those who are under 18 years of age, turn away from the rated R one shots. If you decide to ignore me, don't get caught.
Finally, these are all works of fiction. So, while the characters may be stupid at times and not use protection, that doesn't mean that it's okay to do so n real life. Safety is always important, so practice safe sex, everyone!


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