Child of the Sun

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NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This is a fictional, metaphorical account of the biblical Samson. This story is written as a comic book script; thus, action and dialogue are described in "Panels" on each "Page." However, I hope you will still enjoy! A special thanks to God and all family and friends who never forgot me! And if you like what you read, please check out the fully illustrated story on Amazon and Comixology! 

Prologue, Chapter 1: The Sea People 

Page 1: 

No art. The page is black. The caption below is in red letters, italicized. 

Narrator Caption: Time passed. The Israelites once again did evil in the eyes of the Lord. Thus, their lives were delivered into the hands of a ruthless and wretched people...tall and mighty people that came from the sea. 

Page 2: 

Panel 1: The POV is on a BOAT, with an IRON IDOL OF DAGON on top of the bow. The boat resembles an ancient Greek boat. The Iron Idol of Dagon has a long beard and long hair, with a helmet on its head. On top of the helmet is a starfish. Dagon is a Philistine deity, a fish god.  

Panel 2: The POV zooms out a little. A man, APOPHIS, stands on the deck of the boat. He has an eye patch, two bronze earrings, a helmet, and a cold stare. His beard is braided, but not well kept. Very scraggly. He is tall. One of his hands holds the mast. His helmet and the helmet on the Iron Idol of Dagon look the same. He also wears a toga and a light, shiny breastplate. 

Panel 3: The POV zooms out again. There are hundreds of ships, all with men that look like soldiers. Hard, unkempt men stand in those ships, like statutes. The sea churns. No one is afraid. These are the SEA PEOPLE. 

Page 3: 

Panel 1: 

Narrator Caption: Near Thebes, Egypt. 1300 B.C. 

A great battle between Egypt and the Sea People. The line between Egyptians and Sea People shatter. A few drops of rain fall. Egyptian soldiers wear spectacular ancient Egyptian garb. They have shiny hooked, sickle swords. The Sea People swing long swords and huge Spartanesque shields.  

Panel 2: 

Narrator Caption: Ugarit 

The Sea People clash with the men of Ugarit. Both lines are broken; it's a smorgasbord of swords and shields. But the Sea People are winning.  

Panel 3:  

Narrator Caption: Hatti 

The Sea People fight the Hittites. It's not a fight. Most of the Hittites are dead or dying. Some of the Sea People double kill Hittites with several stabs of their swords. Some steal jewels and gold and other valuables. A few Sea People rape some women; the women are topless and screaming. The animals, horses, cows, goats and dogs, bleed to death. A few children cry in crumbled buildings. As the sun sets, the city burns in thick red flames. Apophis kills a Hittite without emotion. 

Page 4: 

Panel 1: The Sea People enter their boats near a beach, holding as much booty as they can carry. Women and children, bound in ropes, walk with them.  

Panel 2: The Sea People are back on their boats.  The boats begin to float into the sea.  

Panel 3: The Sea People drift further into the sea.  No rain.

Page 5:  

Panel 1: Apophis, on one of the ships, takes a child by the hair, pulling the child towards him. The child is barely alive. His eyes are sunken in: drained. Apophis, emotionless.  

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