South Mills, North Carolina

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It was night time, and I was tired from the long trip. I was just out of the bright lights of the city, and I could hear loud laughter from a tavern down the main road.

I got my rope from my bag and climbed a tree. I tied myself down again. This tree is very uncomfortable I thought to myself, and I couldn't seem to sleep. It was a while before I was used to the tree enough to even to think about catching a wink.

I was just on the verge of falling asleep, but right before I hibernated for the night, the brilliant glowing lights of the city went out. I couldn't see a damn thing! Screaming and yelling erupted from the pub. Was that a gunshot that I heard? Then I went out like a light bulb, the eventful day catching up with me.

I woke up to a sharp pain in my back. I cautiously reached back, and I reflexly pulled back. I brought my hand to my face and looked at the sticky substance. Blood. Definitely, a wrong time to have an injury. I reached back and felt again. It didn't feel that far in; the stick was blocked by my ribcage. I felt that it was safe enough to pull out, though, so I did.

I can't believe I didn't even realize that the stick was in my back last night I was so much in shock. I climbed down, wincing every few seconds, and carefully put disinfectant on my wound. It wasn't that bad I realized. It only cut the skin. I put a large Band-Aid on it and rolled my shoulders. It may not be as bad as I thought, but it was still very painful.

After that small crisis, I got out a can of peaches for breakfast. It felt like heaven, as I'm used to 3 warm meals a day. Even though I'm not at home enjoying warm pancakes, it's just, food. No explanation necessary. Peaches are my favorite now. All that white fruit and juicy goodness...all I can say is that I tried to savor it...

My last peach was sitting at the bottom of the can, and I was debating how to eat it: Take minuscule bites, or swallow it whole. I couldn't decide, so I was just sitting there. I heard the rustle of grass in the wind, and

It was right in front of me.

I screamed and grabbed for a knife in my backpack. There was no way I was running away; I would leave my stuff behind, everything important to me now. My peaches lay forgotten on the ground, and my vision focused on the things in front of me. To my horror, there was about 10, a bit more than the one that I faced yesterday. I would have to run If I wanted to survive. I wasn't prepared enough to fight them.

My hand reached around the handle of the knife that I would affectionately call steelie later. My arm whipped around, getting it in the chest. It wasn't deterred. I hastily pulled it out and stabbed it in the head. It fell immediately.

My small victory didn't last long. The other nine were coming for me. I slipped my arm through my backpack, grabbed my suitcase, and ran.

While this was happening, I was wondering what I was going to do with the money, since the world ended and everything.


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