Chapter Twenty-Six: Promise

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Kagura's POV

My heart couldn't stop racing. My mind was somewhere else and I was letting my feelings take over. My cheeks were burning up. Hell, my whole face was.

A few moments later, I pulled away, but our embrace stayed. I gently rested my face against the crook of his neck, enjoying the closeness.

He smells... Nice... I admitted. He smells like... Clean linen... I smiled slightly, my lips accidently brushing against his neck. He shivered slightly at the touch. "Sorry." I whispered. He quickly shook his head

I stayed there, taking in everything. Admiring how perfect everything was... How perfect... He was...

My heary kept racing, beating at the speed of light. I didn't want to move and inch. I wish I could've stayed there forever...

I kissed his neck gently, and he shivered once again, running a hand through my hair.

Moments kept passing, and I decided it was finally time to let go. I pulled away from him, regretfully.

"Please stay..." He said pleadingly.

I was shocked at the tone in his voice and returned to where I was beforehand.

"I still question why you're still here with me... Or why you continue to say "I love you" when all I do is drag you down. All I'll ever do for you is drag you down to hell with me." I sighed, not necessarily in a bad way.

"Then let me be dragged down to hell with you. I thought we've already gone through this. I'm willing to take any risk to be with you. Kagura, if anything, it hurts more to not be with you." His grip on me tightened.

I smiled and a few more moments passed. "You know, I thought I could never love someone like the way I love you." I admitted.

"I have to say the same. I just thought that... I could never even love... Anyone, really... Especially in this way. When Skiadrum disappeared, I locked my heart up. I didn't want to get hurt like that. I never wanted another promise to be broken."


"Yes, promise. Skiadrum promised me that we'd live happy together. And he'd be there with me my whole entire childhood and stay with me forever."

"Oh Rogue..." I said sympathetically. "I know what it's like... To lose someone you hold so dear... To have them killed. I've seen people killed from left, right, and center and children captured all around. It's horrifying... It truely is..." I moved so I was standing straight in front of him, still close, looking him gently, directly in the eye.

"We've all felt grief... And I hate to say this but... We can't do anything about what happened, or what had happened. All we can do is sit there and feel that greif... Sadly none of us have the power to bring back the dead or turn back time..."

I saw him begin to tear up. The corners of my mouth moved downwards and I began to comfort him. "Don't cry... Not now..." I rubbed his back, trying my best to comfort him.

"I-I know... I know... I just seem to get really touchy when we talk about things like this. I'm sorry..." His voice was shaky, fighting the strong force of the tears.

"Sh..." I whispered. "You'll be alright... I'm here."

"But will you always be here?" He whimpered.

"Always." I said quickly without thinking.

"Do you promise?"

I paused. I didn't want him to go through another promise being broken. The seemed to mean alot to him, and I understand his reasoning.

"I-I..." I stuttered. I took a deep breath for a moment. "I promise." I said confidently.

"Please... Don't break it..." He whimpered.

Now... I just made a promise. To someone I love so much. To someone who can't bear the pain of losing anoter loved one. Whp cannot bear another one of his promises be put to waste.

Yes I had just made a promise... That I don't know if I could keep.

Author's Note:
Sorry for the short chapter minna! I've just been so busy lately. If you want updates on my life I'm always active on instagram (@/holly.jolly.kagura) (usually @/kagura.mikazucchini when the holidays are over).
My life has just been really just all over the place and I have so many projects due and that I need to finish.
This chapter is also kinda short cause I was in the hospital writing this so yeah!
Also, I apologize since this chapter kinda sounded a little... Sexual in a way I guess. Gomen if you aren't into that.

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