5.3. Parents.... the Perfect Bond

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Chapter 5.3

Gul's POV

Ye Ibraheem or Hussain kia khichrii paka rae hen? There is definitely something they are hiding from me. ulloo k pathey hen dono.

"Gul Bachey! What happened you aren't eating" Khaloo asked, pulling me out of my thoughts and I looked up at him who was looking at me with concern.

"Nothing Khaloo! I was just thinking about....

"Hussain and Ibraheem?" Khala cut me through with a meaningful glance at me and I gaped at her with my eyes wide as Khaloo chuckled.

"Keh to theek he rahi hen tumhari khala wesey Gul!" khaloo took her side and I rolled my eyes before putting down my spoon in the plate.

"Dost hen merey wo khaloo!"

"uff ye dosti" Khaloo exclaimed. "aesi dosti nai dekhi mein ne yar!" he added dramatically.

"hamari dosti ki ahmeeyat us ki qeemat ap kia janey Fayaz Baboo!" I flaunted a little and they smiled at me. "doobtey ko tinkey ka sahara hoti hea dosti. Traffic jam mein green wala ishara hoti hea dosti...or birthday per gass wala ghubara hoti hea dosti" Khaloo literally clapped and I jerked my collars up boastfully.

"either you think about acting or you think about them two. Kabhi khud ko sheeshey mein dekha hea, kisi terha se lerki nai lagti ho tum" Khala stated and I heaved up a sigh.

"is k liye Fayaz! Lerka nai lerki dhoonde ge" she looked at him who smiled shaking his head, as he took a morsal.

"Tobah tobah!! Khala Khuda ko maney. Daren qayamat se. ap bhiiii?" I asked dramatically and Khaloo chuckled, Khala mockingly rolled her eeys.

"Tension na len Khala mein apney liye na lerka khud dhoond loon gi"

"Kon bhala? Hussain ya Ibraheem?" she asked with a smirk.

"Oh stop it Khala! Wo dono ek number k fattooo hen. Meri choice Robert Downey se kam nai honi" I boasted.

"Hen wo kon hea ub? Koi naya dost ban gaya kia school mein?" Khala asked concerned and I was like...seriously!

"Khala! Tony Stark. Iron man I meant" I made a duh face and she jerked her head disapprovingly.

"Huhn! Mein ne nai banana aesa laal peela damaad. Bijlii se chalney wala" she stated and I chuckled at her cute upset expressions.

"han tumhari khala ko Tom Cruise pasand hea, us jesa koi ho to batao na" Khaloo teased her and she popped her eyes out at him, turning a little blushed in face.

"Ayeee hyeee! Tommmyyy han" I smirked at her who glared at me, trying to hide her grin.

"Finish your meal silently" she stated and I kept a finger over my lips quickly, winking at Khaloo.

"Acha after lunch am leaving for practice Khala, forgot to tell you two" I looked at them as I remembered we three were suppose to practice for the show at Hussain's place.

"Koi zaroorat nai janey ki. Sham mein guests aa rae hen tum ne aj koftey bananey hen merey sath" Khala stated and I looked at her weirdly.

"Koftey? Me? khala darling!! Ap kun chahti hen k mehman sr per jootey rakh ker bhag jaen ap k ghar se?" I asked faking a smile and she heaved up a sigh.

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