Chapter Thirty Seven

"Noo!" i went to Lance and hug him. "we can still fix this Lance. we can try again. i will trust you this time. we can make through this together..

wag mo naman akong bitawan." my voice broke and i cried.

he kissed my forehead and hugged me too.

"lets stop this Love. i dont wanna hurt you anymore. intentionally or unintentionally. i've seen enough of your pain Love. and i dont wanna see you hurting again especially because i've been causing it all along." he said softly and cried too.

"Noo!" i sobbed and cried on his chest.

"i dont wanna hurt you anymore Love. we've been hurting each other since you came back. ako nalang naman yung may gusto na maayos to eh. ako nalang. you gave up with this marriage five years ago. hindi ko alam kung bat ko pa sila pinilit na ibalik ka dito. i'm so sorry Love. ngayon ko lang natanggap na hindi tayo para sa isat isa. yeah it hurts like hell." he sobbed on my neck "but maybe this is how its gonna be. kailangan na nating tapusin to and start anew. maybe we really need to do this. maybe we're really destined to grow apart." i gripped on his shirt and cried harder. his words are piercing through my heart and very soul. "we need to be strong Love. you need to be strong coz wont be there anymore. i can no longer protect you. lahat naman ng tama Love sa una lang naman masakit. we'll both get used to it. i dont wanna prolong the agony anymore. the sooner we end this. the faster you'll cope up with everything." napaiyak ako lalo. he's waving goodbye! i dont want a goodbye! i need him forever!

"So Love. stop hurting yourself okay? i know you had enough from us." he pulled himself away from me. he wiped my tears and forced a smile. kinuha nya yung envelope sa ibabaw ng mesa saka inabot sakin. "this is what you wanted since you came back right? now i'm giving it to you. you can live your life now just as what you've always wanted. i will always love you Love and i hope you find the happiness you've been looking for." he kissed my lips for the last time and walked away.

"Laaancee." i moaned softly and cried harder.

napaupo nalang ako sa sahig.

tears are flowing down my cheeks. nakatingin lang ako sa nakabukas na pintong iniwan ni Lance..

i grip my chest tight. maybe in that way i wont feel this searing pain tearing the whole me.

my whole heart just walked away from me. he just gave me up. i dont know what to do now.

tinignan ko yung annulment papers na laman ng envelope.

pirmado nga nya lahat.

he really gave up on me this time. i sobbed. i reached for the pen in the table and signed the papers too. tumayo na ko saka lumabas ng bahay.

"send this papers to the empire. to Lance secretary. tell her to file this and use connections." i gave him the envelope and drove away.

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