Chapter Thirty Six

"c'mon V. lets go." tumango nalang ako kay Anton saka nagpahila pababa.

i've been staying at my penthouse for one week already. hindi naman nagtanong si Lance and mom and mama is sad about whats going on. the olds is furious and leila was crying. inisa isa ko na eh. i'm slowly waving them goodbye.

"asan na kayo?" Anton asked them. nasa kotse ko kami. ako nagdridrive. si Anton kausap yung iba. Anton's been staying with me sa penthouse.

"Allright. ingaat. SB okay?" Anton hanged up and looked at me.

"Okay ka lang V?" he asked. i smiled a little and nodded. di naman na sya umimik. pagdating naman sa mall nandun na sila sa Starbucks.

"hi Girls." they greeted us and kissed our cheeks. ngumiti lang ako sa kanila.

we chatted for a while bago nag ayaan na magshopping na. namimili sila ng mga damit nila nung nakita ko si Margarette na pumasok sa boutique ng Venice, blame it on curiousity kasi lumabas ako ng shop saka nakatingin kay margarette. i saw my cousin on the cashier table and her saleslady assisting Margarette. nung pumasok na si Margarette sa loob ng fitting room. pumasok na ko sa loob. humalik muna ako kay Raffy bago sinenyasan syang tumahimik saka pumasok sa fitting room na katabi ng pinasukan ni Margarette. she's on the phone kasi may kausap sya eh. and i can bet my fingers she's not talking to the saleslady.

"of course Danica. what margarette wants. margarette always gets. Andrew and i will equally benefit on this. i'll have Lance and he'll have Venice."

what the hell is this?!

"i know. i'm so smart right? i may not succeeded in the first try. at least i am right now. That Madrid guy is really crazy for her. i will also thank Elise with the help she did five years ago."

Elise? anung kinalaman nya dito?

"Stupid Venice really believed that Lance cheated on her 5 years ago. like really. how stupid is she? she never confronted Lance and left. dumb girl. i really cant belive Lance fell for that bitch. she cant even trust Lance."

"She can be sorry all she want coz i'm not returning Lance to her. ever!"

my whole body is trembling.

so Lance is really innocent?

and he never had an Affair with this woman?

parang gusto kong panghinaan ng tuhod. so Lance never lied to me about anything. and he did not cheat on me?

lumabas ako ng fitting room saka pabalyang binuksan yung kabilang fitting room.

the look on Margarette's Face is so epic. na para bang nakita nya si kamatayan. well really. she did not see the Reaper. but i'm gonna let her experience the Devil's wrath.

"is it true?" i asked with gritted teeth.

"w-what are you talking a-about?" she said without looking at me. Fvck! i gripped her neck and pushed her on the wall.

"You bitch! sasabihin mo ba o papatayin kita? i suggest you tell me the truth or i swear to God i'll strangle you to death for i am so mad right now i wont have second thoughts of killing you with my bare hands." i hissed at her and grip her neck tighter.

"Heeelppp! somebody pleeease!" she shouted. i chuckled and gave her a piercing stare.

"the woman managing this branch is my cousin, Margarette. just so you know." i saw fear on her eyes.

"One." i counted Angrily.

she tried pushing me away but i did not budge.

"two" i gripped her neck tighter again.

she's choking. but i couldnt careless.

"Allright. sasabihin ko na." i loosen my grip but we're still in the same position.

"Did Lance ever cheated on me?" i hissed and gave her a killing stare

"Sagoot!" i shouted.

"N-no." she stammered when she answered me.

"and everything i saw at the office 5 years ago was your plan. and you had Elise as your accomplice?" nanginginig na tumango sya.

"You slut!" i gripped her neck tight.

"Pleeease!" tumili na sya.

"You let me believe that Lance cheated on me for five years. You stole five years of our life together. and i couldnt think of anything right now but killing you." tinusok ko yung mukha nya ng kuko ko saka madiin na pinadaan ito pababa. tumili ulit sya sa sakit. ipinunas ko sa kanya yung dugo sa kuko ko.

"that would left your ugly face a scar." shes crying now. "thank all the gods Margarette. i can still think clearly. coz if not. your parents will be attending your funeral tomorrow." pabalya ko syang binitawan saka umalis dun. paglabas ko ng Venice nandun sila Anton nag aantay saken.

"i have to go girls." i said and my voice almost broke. hindi ko na inantay na sumagot sila. i drove straight to our house.

pagkapasok ko ng bahay umakyat agad ako sa taas. i found him sitting in the balcony of our room. napatingin sya saken nung buksan ko yung pinto. but he immediately looked away.

"L-lance" i said in a trembling voice. i know i'm in the verge of tears.

"what do you want Venice?" he said coldly.

"i'm sorry." i said softly.

"for what?" he answered.

"i misjudged you.. 5 years ago. when i left. i thought your having an affair with margarette. i was about to confront you that day when i found out about the merger. when i went to your office. i saw you with margarette lying beside each other.. naked. and elise said that you've been cheating on me. i heard enough so i left for NY. i'm so sorry." lumapit si Lance saken.

"i know about that Venice.. kung hindi pa ibang tao yung magsasabi sayo hindi ka maniniwala?" i looked at him and he's also crying.

"You knew?" i looked at his face.

"yes. i overheard Margarette

and Elise talking last week. why didnt you let me explain?" he said. i was speechless

"tell me Venice. havent i showed you enough? enough for you to trust me?"

"i'm so sorry Lance." i bursted out. i dip my face in my hands and cried.

"you dont know what had happened did to me Venice. and up to the last minute you never believed me." he said in a broken voice.

"i love you Lancee." i said softly.

"i thought about this a million times. i love you Venice..

but i have to let you go now."



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