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I press my legs together and bite my lip looking at the text.

I need you. Just one night and I'll be done.

Could I actually let him use me for one night and know he was going to leave me in the morning to go back to his wife?

This whole thing isn't fair to me. I'm going to have some kind of complex because of this I know. My first time having sex would be with a married man. The emotional attachment involved in that, I couldn't do it. I cannot do it.  The pain I felt this morning when he just walked away, was almost unbelievable.

Pay attention to your wife.

I simply say.

I'm not going to do it.

I add to it.

I can't focus on her, when I know you're home with that thin bra on that shows off your breasts beautifully (;

I gasps looking down consciously at my boobs. I shift uncomfortably.

Don't be ashamed.

He adds. My breathing is heavy at this point. My head is reeling between absolutely turning him down and my body reacting to every word he says.

Please stop.

I beg. I do not want to give him the satisfaction of having my first time and having that hold over me.

"Miss Mila, I need to use the potty." Elliot says standing up and holding his area. I widen my eyes and nod.

"Okay let's go." I say picking him up. "Where are we going?" I ask. He points down the hallway. I follow his finger and place the potty seat on the toilet and place him on it too.

"Ok now go outside." He says. I nod and leave him to do his business.  I stand out in the hallway waiting. I get curious and open the door across the hall. An office, Harry's office. I get curious walking around.

An MTV Moon Man.

VMA wards.

Brit Awards.

Countless other awards. I look at them all in awe. I look at the records on the wall 'One Direction'. Why does that seem so familiar. I look at the picture studying the people. God, they look so familiar.

I hear Elliot come out of the bathroom and I leave the room.

"You're not supposed to go in Daddy's office." He says looking up to me. I squat down to him.

"Well, this will be our little secret. Alright?" I coax him and he nods.

"Whencan we eat? I'm starving here." Zander shouts from the living room. I take a deep breath and roll my eyes.

"Are you hungry?" I ask him and he nods politely.

"If you ask nicely we can eat now." I remark to Zander, little twerp.

I go into the kitchen fixing their dinners and o fix me a small plate of the beautiful lasagna. It smells so good.

"Yum!" Elliot chants running into the kitchen and climbing into a chair. Zander follows slowly behind. I place our plates on the table and sit with them.

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