Dinner With A Vampire. Did I Mention I'm Vegetarian? (3)

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Dinner With A Vampire. Did I Mention I'm Vegetarian? (Chapter 3)

 Next chapter. Starts to get a little more interesting in this one, but you will have to read on to find out what I'm on about =)

Also, thanks to everyone who read and rated last couple of chapters, it really is appreciated.





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Two hours stuck in a car with three deranged killers is not my idea of fun.


I couldn't sleep, for fear of what would happen. I couldn't talk because Mr. Charming-went-out-the-window constantly reminded me that I was at his mercy and should therefore should keep my trap shut. I couldn't even look out the window, because it was dark.


So instead I had to listen to an argument about Amber Von Hefner has huge tits and is a total killer in bed?"


The sun was beginning to rise, and I glanced at my watch: a four week early birthday present from my father. He had told me that my punctuality was atrocious, so I might as well have it now.


My thoughts wondered... my father. What was he going to think when he found out what had happened to me? And mother? And what about Lily, my little sister? She was just thirteen... she should not have to deal with this. And Ruby? Ruby who would have to witness the horror we had left behind.   


And the one crucial thought I had.


What would these strange killers do? Hold me to ransom? Silence me?


It didn't even bear thinking about.


Looking back at my watch I realized it was half-past four in the morning. The sun would rise soon. A few minutes later the first glimmers of light could be seen.


The fields were falling away, giving way to thick, dense forest. The road was becoming more winding and fewer and fewer cars were passing by. The sun was fully up now, sunrise turning to dawn. We stayed on the forest road, all the time climbing up and up.


The road swept sharply around to the left and suddenly we had passed through a large gatehouse. Huge, intricate iron-wrought gates were swung open,  the gothic arched windows guarded by gruesome gargoyles.


As we passed, I could have sworn I saw several faces peering from the windows... but before I could take a second glance we were already enclosed by the forest again.  


The trees began thinning out, before sunshine abruptly broke through the needles of the many pines. A little further on, they gave way to leafy blooms and...

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