[Chapter 3]

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*Sam POV*

I glanced at Jade's house from the inside of my car, I've been sitting in my car for ten minutes straight, too nervous to even approach the actual house.

I just came from football practice, what if the shower didn't wash my stink away? What if she doesn't like these kind of flowers? What if she prefers chocolate over flowers? What if she is allergic of flowers in the first place? Dang it! I should have asked Perrie for some advice for tonight (even if we have unspoken competition happening).

"Bulid up your confidence right now Sam Craske. You've been trying to get her on a date for years now, and you finally got the chance when Perrie wasn't with her. Walk up to that door confidently." I pep-talked my nervous self.

I inhaled a breath of air before fixing my hair and hopping out my car. I made sure to grab the bouquet of roses on the passenger seat and rang the doorbell to the Thirlwall casa.

Perrie opened the door. My confidence instantly betraying me, disappearing when I saw my date's blonde bestfriend. Everyone knows if you want to be Jade, you have to make Perrie like you first.

"Hey Sam." She greeted with a smile, it seemed forced, but I was too nervous to care. "Hey! Is Jade there?" I mentally yelled to myself that I have control my slightly shaking voice. Come on, Sam. Get your shit together!

"Yeah she's upstairs, she'll come down soon."

"You alright?" She asked with a slight chuckle. "Yeah, I'm fine! Just nervous." I replied and shot her a charming smile, it usually worked with other girls, but Perrie is a different story. "Just breathe, you'll do perfectly fine." She patted my back supportively.

"Why don't you come in?" She moved out of the way from the door. I came in and sat on the sofa.

She sat down beside me and we spoke about a couple things. She told to not give Jade anything peanuts related or she'll have a horrible allergy. And she also said to act like myself, because Jade hates it if you try to be someone else.

Our conversation got cut short when we heard heels tapping along the stairs.

*Perrie POV*

Jade walked down the stairs and it caught our attention. My breath literally hitched when I saw her, she looks absolutely breathtaking!

I glanced at Sam, and he was looking at her with pure admiration glistening in his chocolate brown eyes. If this was a cartoon, there would be red hearts popping out his eyes.

He's better for her.

"Hello Sam." Jade greeted. "Uh hey... You look gorgous." We giggled at how nervous he is. Sam Craske never usually gets nervous, specially around girls. "Here, I hope you like it." He handed her the roses. "Aww, thank you! I love it." She said, smiling.

"Karl, can you put it in a vase please?" She gave it to her brother before he could even answer the little cookie.

"Come on guys." I shouted while grabbing the camera on the table. "Your mom said to take a picture before you leave." I pulled up the camera in front of them. Jade and Sam beamed at the camera while I snap a picture.

"Shall we go ma' lady?" Sam asked cutely and offered his arm for Jade to hold on to, which Jade gladly accepted.

"Hey Sam, one last thing." Karl yelled to Sam. "Take care of my sister, Okay? If I hear that you something happens to her, I will hunt you down." He warned. Karl was always a protective brother to Jade, much like Jonnie.

"Nothing will happen to her, I swear." Sam replied before gulping. "Good, other than that, be home before twelve."

"We'll be home at ten." Sam promised. "Nah, is a very the too early, you kids have fun."

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