Prologue-The Day I Died

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Prologue - The Day I Died

I stand in the tree's, a good distance away from where the ceremony is taking place, hiding in the shadows as my heart continues to ache away in my chest.

The sight before me is one I'll never forget, even if I wanted to. Watching the nine boys stand in black suits and ties as tears stream from their eyes is one that will forever be ingrained into my memory.

They stand there, with their hands in front of them as they look at the pale pink coffin. Rain falls from the cloudy sky, drenching their hair and clothing but they don't care.

The priest ends the ceremony, shaking their hands before walking away and leaving the guys to it. I continue to hide, after all, I am supposed to be in that coffin.

Gabriel drops to his knees, sobs leaving him as his whole body shakes and his hands dig into the dirt of the wet grass. Luke is immediately by his side and wrapping his arms around his best friend, his brother, crying into his shoulder.

I broke them, but I had to do this to protect them. I had no choice. I rather live my life knowing that one day, the pain will fade and they'll live their lives then continue to live my life because I was a selfish person and couldn't do what they had always done for me; protect them.

A hand comes onto my shoulder and I startle, moving my eyes away from the scene before me and looking into the eyes of my father. "Times up, Sang. We have to leave."

"Two more minutes, you can give me that." I snap at him. I've never hated someone so much in my entire life. He's ripping me away from the people I care about the most, the boys that have kept me going over the last three years from the moment I met them.

He stops back, not impressed but he backs off and that's all I want right now. I turn my eyes back to my boys, just as Erica and Uncle step up beside Owen and Kota.

I look to the little girl that Erica carries on her hip and watch as Owen tries to give her the best smile he can before taking her from Erica. He holds her close, kissing her head several times before laying her head on his shoulder.

Kota quickly takes the little girl Uncle carries, kissing her on her nose before doing exactly what Owen did.

My girls, my beautiful Peyton and Rylie; Twin girls. They're a year old and the most precious human beings I've ever laid eyes on. I loved them the moment Sean told me the pregnancy test was positive and I will always love them.

Just like I'll always love those boys, my boys.

Peyton wriggles out of Owen's hold and he places her on her feet. She wobbles a little but makes her way to Gabriel and Luke. She says something to them which has Gabriel pulling her into his chest and Luke kissing her head.

I tell myself once more, I'm doing this to protect them. I rather live knowing they breathed for the rest of their lives, raising those girls and being a family, even if it is without me.

I take in my boys once more. North, Silas, Victor, Nathan, Kota, Gabriel, Sean, Luke and Owen. I take in Peyton and Rylie and then Erica and Uncle. Those people right there are the reason my heart started beating.

The moment I walk away from this tree, I know my life will no longer be the same. I won't ever be able to come back. I won't ever be able to contact them. I won't be able to do nothing but silently watch from the side lines and continue to love them with everything I have.

They've always protect me, now it's my turn to forever protect them.

With one last longing look, I turn and look to the man I share half of my DNA with. "I hope your proud of yourself."

"I had no choice, Sang."

My eyes flare with anger. "Yes you did. Because of you and your stupid debts, I'm the one that has to pay the price. I'm the one that has to leave my family because those ignorant fuckers gave me no choice; either way, I'd lose them." I look over my shoulder at my family as they start walking away from my grave. I finally let the tears flow freely down my cheeks. Turning back to my father I step up to him and get right in his face. "Be fucking proud." I spit before walking away from the life I've built for myself and going into the unknown.

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