Chapter 8 I'm Going Home

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Even though Slenderman was happy to have his own ways, yet he kept felling that something was missing. Something part of his life. So he started looking through his thoughts and yet he found nothing. So he started to begin searching high and low and yet found absolutely......nothing. Untill one memory kept spinning around his thoughts. The forrest. He knew that something in that forrest kept calling him come home. He was sure that ha couldin't stop thinking about that forrest. So he decided to live in his old forrest. He eventually had to say goodbye to his love and his creations. And left his planet to go to his unforgetable forrest. When he got to his old home started to have more memories and feelings on this forrest, so he decided to stay. And to this day any trespasser who trespases his forrest they would never forgive the unforgetable.

The End...

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