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    My feet trudged elegantly through the vivid greenery of the forest while I tried to be as quite as possible. I didn't need a bunch of walkers to deal with right now, especially since I'm on an emergency food run. My family has been out for a few days and we've had to survive off small berries and animals. However, there isn't much of my family left anyway.

    The forest began to break off and the old super market came into sight, causing a small smile to appear on my face. I just hope it isn't fully raided. My family and I were recently attacked my a hoard of walkers, leaving just my dad, older brother, and I. They bit my mother on the stomach, and got to my little sister which I've had a hard time coping with.

    I scanned the area for a quick check before running towards the building. As my feet pounded against the pavement, I heard the sound of a car ring in my ears.

"Shït." I curse under my breath and duck behind an old gas pump. A red truck pulls in with 3 people inside. 1 of them seems to be a teenager while the other 2 are a bit older.

"How much do we need?" The young one asks, hoping out of the large truck.

"As much as we can get. Now let's go, we can't take to long." The one with a slightly grey beard says.

    They seem pretty nice, maybe if I just made a run for it they'd let me go... But what if they got scared and shot at me. My 'what if's' were quickly answered when my dads voice rung through my walky-talky, leaving me speechless.

"Don't come back." His muffled voice states and then erupts into screams. My hand lifts to my mouth once I realize that I'm all alone. I knew I should have stayed with him.

"What was that?" The young one asks taking a gun out.

"Show yourself!" The Asian looking guy yells making me jump. I tried my best to wipe the hot tears on my cheeks away, and attempted to pull myself together.

"Please don't shoot!" I cry out hoarsely and duck out of my hiding spot. I eye them closely, looking for any movement cueing me to run.

"How many are with you?" The oldest one asks with a gun pointed at my head.

"I-its just m-me, now." I stutter.

"What do you mean now?" He questions.

"My family was attacked by walkers yesterday, they killed my mom and sister. And judging from the call I just got over the radio, they got my dad and brother too." I mumble and glare at them. It's not like they needed to know that, I told them that I was alone.

"Tie her up, we are taking her with us." He says to the Asian looking man beside him.

"What?" I hiss, getting ready to unsheathe my sword.

"How are we know if your lying? You could send people after us. Besides, you need a place to go anyway." The oldest one explains make my eyes narrow.

    As the man beside him starts towards me, I pull out my sword and point it at them. They all take a step back and point here guns at me.

"What if I don't want to go with you?" I ask through gritted teeth. I mean, you can't blame me for not trusting these motherfückers.

"You don't really have a choice missy." The oldest one states causing me to scowl.

    And just as I'm about knock the gun from one of their hands, a loud screeching sound erupts from behind me. I quickly swing around to see the door of the super market fall to the ground, revealing about 10-15 walkers.

As they start for us, the 3 men behind me shoot some in the head while I use my sword to cut their heads in half. My sword lodges itself into the head of one, and another walker approaches me. I keep myself calm, and pul a knife from my belt, throwing it into its eye socket.

My eyes scan the remains of the walkers as my ears listen to see if any are left. Only a few birds can be heard, so I turn back to them men, only to be greeted by the Asian one grabbing my wrist.

"Ow!" I screech, trying to twist it out of his grasp. He quickly disarms me, and is able to tie my hands behind my back. However, my legs flail, clipping him on the side.

"Fück!" He curses and pushed me to the ground. His hands then restrain my legs with rope, and he lifts me off the ground as if I weigh like nothing.

"Put me down!" I demand. The man slings me over his shoulder and carries me to the truck, putting me down in the back. I glare at them with my best stare and watch as they just shake their heads.

"Glenn, you can watch her. Make sure she doesn't go anywhere. Carl, you come with me." The one with the beard says. 'Glenn' then walks over to me and leans against the side of the truck.

"You do know I'm harmless right? I don't even know where you guys live." I tell him in my most convincing voice.

"You didn't look so innocent went you were chopping away at those walkers." He snaps catching me off guard.

"Exactly, those are walkers. Not humans." I mumble looking up towards the sky.

"How many walkers have you killed?" He asks.

"More than I can count." I answer.

"How many people have you killed?" He questions.

"None." I reply and he raises his eyebrows.

"I haven't had to yet." I shrug, now noticing his bone structure. It's almost perfect.

"Wish I could say the same. The names Glenn by the way." He smiles, revealing a set of surprisingly white teeth.

"Nina. I would shake your hand but some dïck tied me up." I say and he laughs.

"Don't worry, if you really are who you say you are, you'll be fine." He replies reassuringly.

"Thanks." I smile back.

"Glenn! Come help us out, we've got a lot of stuff to carry!" The boy named Carl calls.

"Be right back." Glenn quickly says to me and leaves to help the others.

    I then look around, knowing that I could easily escape at this moment. But something is telling me to stay... Could it be the fact that I have no where to go? Or that Glenn is undeniably attractive? Who knows? All I know is that I must stay with these people, for they may be the only safety I have left.


Hey guys! I usually write fanfics on YouTubers, but I also love The Walking Dead and had the urge to write a story. So I came up with this! Not really sure where this is going to go, but I do have a few ideas.
    Let me know what you thought of this first chapter, and if I should keep this going (: Remember to vote!
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