"How is she? Where is she?" He looks at Hannah weird.

"We broke up. While ago."  Before he can ask me another freaken question, Claire run up to me because she wants some water.

"Oh my gosh! Is this the kid?"

"No, this is a loner." I say and give her some of my water.

"She looks like you and there is a hint of Mia too."

"Yeah that tends to happen when you have a baby, it takes to people you know."

He laughs.

"Can you take our order now?"

"Oh, yeah sorry! What do you want?"

"Large pineapple pizza." I say. He writes it down and then walk off.

"You remembered that I like pineapple pizza?" Hannah asks with a smile.

"Yeah, just like my brother."

"Your brother and I have a lot in common. Can I have his number." She says teasing me.

"He's in high school, and has a girlfriend, I think."

"You think? Why, what happened?" Hannah loves gossip, I mean yeah all girls do but she goes over board with it.

"He called her a slut I guess." Her mouth drops open."Oh my word why!"

"I don't know, I was dealing with other stuff last night." I blow out

"What happened last night?" She asks me.

"I wanted to have this talk last night but Sapphire came over crying."

"Why was she crying?"

I don't answer right away. I know it's not my business to tell business to tell but I trust Hannah not to say anything. "Her boyfriend hit her." It's makes me so mad just thinking about it hat it's hard to get the words out  

Hannah covers her mouth because it drops open, I know she can tell I don't want to talk about by the way I'm acting.

"Um, wow. Is she okay?"

I clench my fists into balls and nod. "Can we please not talk about it." I ask, she nods.

"Shane, I need to tell you something." I look up because it sounds serious.

"I don't want to fight with you." She says and looks at me. "I do love you and I don't know if I can be with someone who doesn't love me back. I know it's early and I usually don't fall for guys like you, But-"

"Guy's like me? Wanna elaborate?" I question cutting her off

"Nice, funny, knows how to take care of himself and a child, and a brother for that matter. Someone who knows how to make me laugh when I want to cry, someone who is in my eyes perfect, and someone who can do all of that and look unbelievably hot. I want to be with someone who will make me feel like a princess day in and day out. And I don't know if you can do that. You have a busy enough life without me. I don't think we should do this."

I give her a devilish grin, "You think I'm unbelievably hot?"

"Out of all of that, that's all you took from it?" She smiles and shakes her head.

"Well, it is Thursday tomorrow. What do you say Cinderella? Can I be your Prince Charming for just one more night? And if you still want me to disappear after then I will. Deal?"

She narrows her eyes at me, "Where are we going tomorrow?"

"The ball." I wink at her.

*Thursday Afternoon********

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