Chapter 53

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I sit on the front porch, leaning against the railing. In my hands is a book, a random murder mystery that happened to be in the house. Everyone is out doing their own things, Belle off playing with Sam and Daryl out hunting. The sunshine is warm on my bare arms, not harsh enough for me to get burnt from it's rays. I turn the page and look out over the empty street, thinking of yesterday.

Glenn, Tara and Noah went out on a run with Nicholas and Aidan, Deanna's son. They got into a huge fight over how to do things, however it all worked out for the best. Deanna said we were apart of the community and it gave me hope. This place is safe enough, there's always threats of walkers but at least we have a better chance at survival now. I smile and lay my head back against the post, my injured hand resting on my stomach.

I sit like that for a moment before I hear people walking towards me. I open my eyes and see Belle walking over with a younger boy and whom I assume is his mother. I dog ear the book and shut it, turning to face the oncoming trio. Belle rushes towards me and I smile, holding my arms out to catch her. She jumps into my arms gently, being extra careful of her little brother of sister.

"Hey turtle." I smile, brushing a strand of hair out of her eyes.

"Mommy, this Sam and his Mommy." She smiles brightly, turning to look back at the mother and son.

The woman steps forward, "You must be Hayley, I'm Jessie and this is my son Sam." She says, placing a hand on her son's shoulder.

"Mommy, do you mind if Sam and I go play inside?" Belle asks and I look over to Jessie, "If it's okay with his Mommy?"

Jessie nods her head and turns to Sam, "Just for a few minutes okay?" They nod their heads before rushing inside.

I smile at the two of them before turning back to Jessie, "It's nice to finally put faces to the names. Belle's talked an awful lot about Sam." I say, looking at the woman as she walks closer.

"She's a great kid, she is very excited about becoming a big sister. Congratulations." She says, nodding to my ever expanding stomach.

"Thank you." I say, my hand protectively holding my stomach.

"People around here haven't seen a baby in a long time. But then again I'm sure you've noticed that with the amount of people grabbing your stomach." She says, leaning against the post at the foot of the stairs.

"Yeah, I feel like a football the way I've been passed around." I chuckle.

She smiles, "They all mean well." She says and I nod my head in agreement.

"You coming to the party tonight?" She asks and I look at her in confusion, "What party?" I ask, wondering what she is talking about.

She runs her fingers through her hair, "Deanna and Reg are holding a party at their place tonight. A welcome party of sorts for you all." She explains.

"This is the first I've heard about it." I say and she crosses her arms across her chest, "Yeah, it must seem weird but it should be fun. Drinks and food." She says, trying to sell the party to me.

"Sounds like it should be good." I say and she nods her head, "Everyone is looking forward to it, a chance to get to know you guys better. Maybe you could bring Daryl along?" She suggests and I chuckle, knowing that he will definitely not want to come along to this thing.

I nod my head and grab at the railing, pulling myself up to my feet. Jessie steps forward and helps me to my feet, "I'll try." I lie, trying to appease her.

She smiles, "Awesome, I'll see you then. Sam!" She calls out.

I hear running footsteps and soon the front door opens, Belle and Sam rushing out. I turn to Belle, "Say thank you to Jessie for looking after you today." I say.

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