Chapter 5: Some Slaps Won't Hurt

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I glanced at Jett, looking lost, she read my face and replied, "Yeah, I heard Carrie and Penelope were gonna fight because Carrie heard that Penelope was talking shit, she's tired of it."

Speaking of them, Penelope walked in and sat in the front. Carrie arrived a couple of minutes after her with her dark blonde hair in a bun and her earrings were off.

She was pissed. her blue eyes were narrowed at Penelope as she glared at her. She stood right in front of her desk and hissed, "What the hell do you have to say me?"

Penelope looked up at her, oblivious to what she was talking about. "I don't know, you tell me," she said reluctantly.

"You were talking shit about me to your friends," Carrie said.

I noticed Mrs. Barns wasn't here, so they had enough time to slap the shit out of each other. "Oh right, yeah, I was," Penelope replied as she stood up.

"Ok then, shut your mouth-"

She was interrupted by her, "No, you shut it, bitch!" Penelope slapped her in the face as Carrie punched her and swung her to the floor by her hair.

Carrie was landing those hits like it was nothing. Penelope definitely got her ass whooped.

Well, that's what she gets for talking shit that she couldn't back up. The class pulled out their phones as they cheered and roared with excitement. The teachers were nowhere in sight as the commotion carried on. Carrie whooped that ass, I give her that.

Terrence Slen separated them and that's when Mrs. Barns came in. "What the hell is going on here?!" she boomed while glancing around the classroom.

Her pale blue eyes landing on Carrie and Penelope's messed up hair and Penelope's black eyes, she knew there was a fight. "Carrie, Penelope, go to the principal's office, right now! Security is already here and they're waiting for you both," Mrs. Barns yelled. The two of them sulked out of the classroom, leaving us in silence.

She started lecturing and I was falling asleep.

I guess she saw me because she yelled, "Autumn, pay attention!" I nodded absentmindly and drifted off.

Forty minutes later, the bell rang, I gathered my things and left.

Jett was right on my tail when I faced her and said, "She was pissing me off, that's why I fell asleep on her ass."

Jett replied," Yeah, nobody likes her, but seriously, Penelope got that ass whooped."

"For real, like why talk shit when you can't back it up??" I immediately thought of Elena and I realized I haven't seen her since I pissed her off, which was two days ago.

"Hey Autumn!" a heard a voice call.

I turned around and saw Melina Coles coming towards me.

"Hey," I greeted her.

She was a pretty cool girl, with her long, dark purple hair in curls and her brown eyes glowing, she was cute.

"Did you see Vera? That bitch stay sweatin' me, like seriously, if you have a problem then, what's up??" she said.

"She's always in my business," I replied.

"She's always in someone's business," she agreed.

"I haven't seen her, but she's probably prancing around, trying to get in other people's business," I said.

"Yeah, I'll see you around though," she left.

Daisy, Vera's bestfriend was twirling and skipping down the hallway, what the hell, are we in elementary school??

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