2. Come To My House

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Jane POV

Okay so, Isaac asked me out!!!..... JUST JOKING, Bethany wanted to be friends with all of us so they decided that maybe we could hang out at their house just as a visit. And I can't stop thinking of the cute and smart guy. Isaac. * imagines Isaac on the window and kisses the window * I L-O-V-

" ARE WE THERE YET??!!! " Angelo yelled breaking my beautiful silence

" Angelo?! What's Wrong With You?! " he gave me a 'I don't know' look with a smirk

" Guys we're almost there " Sarah said from the front seat, her headphones were at her neck

" Wait? Are you driving? " Johnny asked

" What? No! Edward is driving... Why? " Sarah asked

" Nothing. I forgot that we're not at the Phillippines " Johnny said and made a laud sigh " * sighhhhh *.... I miss Manila, I miss Dumagute, I miss The sweet Adubo that Jane makes back at the Phillippines... I wish we never had to spend our summer here in Ohio. Just to do stupid videos with 'Pewdiepie'... And how dare he ask us to join his Bro Army.... I'd rather join the Gaming Army... Which is MORE awesome than he is.... " Johnny trailed off

" But, hey... So at the bright side, we met our LONG time favorite You Tubers " Fiona said " Besides. We have Alex here with us " she pulled headphones up and gave Edward the directions

After a while we arrived at the house clearly we had to walk the long road to their house. And once we were there we knocked at the door, and a woman answered " Hello there children. Are you lost? " she asked

" Umm... May we ask if we are at the frye residents? " I asked

" umm.. Yes you are is there something wrong? " the women asked, I was about to say something when I heard yelling

" MOM... WHO AT THE DOOR? " Jordan came from behind the women and she asked who we are " Their. My friends Mom.... This is Sarah, Angelo, Johnny, And Jane " he introduced us, and the women elbowed Jordan

Jordan POV

I introduced the Adventure Gaming crew to my mom and she elbowed me " why don't you guys come on in " my mom said

" Thank you very much ma'm " Fiona said thanks

" let's go to the basement. The other are there too " I said " Isaac show them " Isaac led them down while I helped my mom with the orange juice. Before I made Fiona's I asked her what type she wanted and she said 'strawberry red as blood'

" mom do we got strawberry juice? " I asked

" yes why " she replied

" Make one . Please..... No make two " I said and brought the tray down stairs to the basement

I went to go get the other glasses " So... Which one is it? " mom asked

" what do you mean mom? " I asked

" oh, you know what I mean..... Is it the Sarah girl? " she smirked at me, I just smiled

" Mom... We're just friends " I said

" My little boy has became a man " she pinched my cheek and I groaned and I brought the juices down my basement " Make your move already " she whispered

" mom~ " i was kinda proud that she can help but, as far as I know about moms. They always find as to get your crush to say yes to them

Wait crush? I.... What?

" Hey Jordan. Did you see my blood juice anywhere? " Fiona asked. She sat at the chair of my computer, and her headphones on, I looked at the screen it was the Thanksgiving video I just uploaded yesterday. While Isaac and Jane blabbered at my bed Ceirra and Angelo we're playing with her IPod touch, I could tell by the big A and G that was out as a cover, Johnny and Bethany were playing dominos

" Sorry it took so long. Here " I handed her the juice, while I drank mine, Fiona was about to take a sip when

" RHYMING TIME! " Angelo said

" ANGELO! Do you always have to shout?! " Jane and Johnny said together

" Alright. Alright, who will start . But, first... Do you guys know how to rhyme? " Fiona asked while taking off her headphones "

Sorry it's short. I'll give out soon the continue on this

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