[1] Reasons I'll read YOUR story, and keep reading.

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A/N: You may have read this before. I've removed this stuff before, put it up elsewhere, then deleted that account and so I'm putting it up here again.


 I don't want to waste too much time with pre-post content, since I'm sure all of you are dying to know what will compel me to read your writing, and to keep reading...because you really care whether or not I, of all Wattpad readers, reads what you write.

 First of all, you must grip my attention - even before I start reading what you've written. How?

 1. Have a title with a mininum of fifteen words - and they have to give me the story of at least the first three chapters.

 For example, I'd love to read the story with the title 'OMG I hated him so much because he was a bully but now I love him and nobody approves so we're going to run away!.'

 I love knowing what I'm reading about. I wouldn't like to be left wondering what's happening.

 Stories that do create a mystery suck, because then I'd be forced to think and I get lost in thought since it is unfamiliar territory - and I wouldn't want to go back to read what the truth is since I might be wrong about any prediction I might have had.

 Stories that leave no suspense are great since I don't have to think, and then I can come to the story and feel smart about knowing what was going to happen.

 2. Write a story blurb that gives away the content of at least the first five chapters

 The reasoning is the same as above - I like knowing what's going on, and I like being right when I read something that I saw coming from miles away.

 An ideal story blurb would be: Tom and Jessica hate each other, but soon they become friends. Everything is going well until one day when Jessica realizes that she has feelings for Tom but Tom has a girlfriend.

Obviously, the events musn't have happened already. After you've given the blurb, write out all the bits you've given us a summary of. It should span at least five chapters, if not more.

 3. Write a message that says that you don't like negative comments and that you will either delete them or ignore them.

 This is the first time I'm writing a love story so I want you all to like it and leave me comments telling me that I'm awesome.

 Such messages are great to read, and draw me in instantly since I know that I have no choice but to like this story. When the pressure of having to give constructive criticism is lifted off my shoulders, I feel good and then I read with peace. If I notice mistakes I know that I don't have to bother telling the person that every place he/she used 'too' it should be 'to', and this is especially great since I'm worried about getting arthritis - I wouldn't want to type too much and spoil my joints.

 It's also great to have such messages because I know that if I read through the comments, everything will be 'OMG so cute!!! Upload soon!!!' and as I've indirectly mentioned in another article, I love exclamation marks.

 Reading OMG comments beat comments that have predictions and other such things because the OMG comments have no chance of inspiring me or making me think.

 Getting inspired and thinking about how others are different from you and how they have good ideas really sucks - because everyone who's not like me sucks.

I don't think there's any other way to draw me in before I start reading besides the three I've mentioned, so now I'll move to the things that make me want to continue reading your writing. Since it is one big list, the numbering continues from 4.

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