Opposites- HARRY STYLES #DirtyImagine

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But Mr. Mason I neeeed for my grade to be bumped up!” I whine and Mr. Mason pushes his glasses up higher.

“y/n/ you have the best grade in the whole school, maybe even province and why you want to make an 98% average an 100% I will never understand.” He says and I pout.

“Ever since grade two it has been my dream, please I will do anything.” I tell him and he thinks.

“Tonight my son has his first soccer game and I am un-able to attend due to a student that needs tutoring. Take over this session and I will make sure you have an 100% average by Friday.” He says and I grin jumping up and down and hug him.

”What student and where and when?” I ask grabbing my agenda.

“My classroom, five minutes Harry Styles. Good luck and math is the subject and it is a three hour long session.” He says and sprints out of the classroom before I could so no.

Harry Styles is known for being a man whore, for drinking and getting arrested for under-age drinking six times and smoking in the changing rooms with all his other Europen friends. He has tattoos and piercing that for some reason makes all the girls love him.But I hate him. He likes to tease me for my obsessive ways with life and always have since he moved here three years ago in grade nine.

I sit down in the desk making sure I have all my writing things and notebook and textbook and arrange them on the desk and the door opens and he walks in bringing the smell of smoke with him.

“Oh looky here, someone volunteer to help the retard for some extra credit?” He asks when he spots me and slams the door and I sigh trying to keep my calm, one day I was going to strangle him.

“No, Mr. Mason had a game to attend so I said I would cover out of politeness.” I lie easily and he rolls his eyes and drags a desk next to mine and plops down.

“So….obessive freak got everything organized?” He asks and I glare.

“One, don’t call me that and two get your stuff out and open your textbook to page 456. We are staring on calculas.” I tell him and he groans and knocks my stuff off the table and. I guess I crack.

“What in the serious fuck is wrong with you!” I scream standing up and he smirks.

“Looks like little Miss. Perfect cursed. Someone calls the news.” He says in a shocked voice and gasps and I slap him in the face. Wrong move but the adreniline in my viens and my anger just, did it. “Did you just fucking! Slap me?” He asks and rising towering over me.

“Um..” I whisper backing up against the wall and he storms over grabbing my chin making me look at him. I try to keep my eyes off his nose and lip rings and his eyes. “No.” I lie and try to look down and he forces my head up.

“Just wait till everyone hears…” He whispers in my ear and my eyes widen. Being president of the twelfth grade any violence is forbidden.

“No. Please Harry.” I say dropping to my kness in front of him. “I will do anything.” I beg and look up at him.

“Anything?” He asks and I nod my head fast. “Suck my cock.” He says and I choke.

“What?” I ask and he repeats it. “But, I never…..” I trail off and he laughs and un-zips his pants, pulling them off leaving him only in a pair of black tight breifs.He takes one of my hands and pulls his briefs down and unleashs his cock and puts my hand on it. A red spreads across my face and neck and he moves my hand throwing his head back and I get the groove doing it by myself.

I won’t lie, I was enjoying myself so much I took him in my mouth and was choking on his length well he curses and moans.

“Fuck y/n.” He groans and I let out a giggle and then, he explodes in my mouth and I sollow every drop and pull away with a pop making him smile and pick me up and take off my blouse leaving me in my push up bra that I got two days ago. He slips it done letting my breast free and take on my of sensitive throbbing nipples in his mouth and starts, basiclly abuses them and I am soon a writhing mess under his touch.

“Harry. Please.” I whisper gripping his curls.

”What do you want baby?” He asks and I groan making him smrik as he starts slowly pulling my pants and underwear down.

“I want your cock in me.” I whine loudly and he complies slamming into me as I moan and feel a heat in my stomach as he slams into me.

“Who would of thought you like it rough.” He says as I climax around him and he slips out of me and I clasp onto his torso unstable and he picks my naked body up and sits on the floor with me in his lap. “Soo….who would have thought two completly oppisite people would get along so well.” He whispers.

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