Chapter 49: Thanksgiving Pt. 1

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I silently make my way upstairs, feeling like crap. My hand hurts really bad and I know disinfecting it, so I don't get an infection, is going to be a bitch. Not only that but the blood still seems to be spewing out and it's really difficult not to make a mess everywhere.

"What happened?" Zayn stands up from the bed and walks over to me. He has been in this room the majority of our time being here. I don't blame him though, my family is crazy.

"Nothing," I mumble and push past him into the bathroom. I hear him groan before following him.

"Just fucking tell me," he spats.

"My father-"

"You're father did that to you?" he loudly says, stomping over to me.

"No," I snap, moving away from him. "Like I was saying, my father startled me while I was chopping vegetables."

"Wow," I see Zayn roll his eyes through the mirror. After a couple minutes of silence he speaks again. "I have something to ask you."

"What," I mummble annoyed.

He hesitates for a second which makes me stop with what I'm doing and turn to face him.

"I talked to Ryan," he says and my heart starts beating fast and I bite my lip nervously.


"And he made it seem like all the stuff you told me was a lie."

"Of course he did," I scoff quietly to myself.

"Look, I know its not my business, but what actually happened?" he questions and I glare at him. He actually believes Ryan that I lied. I did not lie, I didn't tell him everything but I didn't lie.

"You're right," I spit. "It isn't any of your business." I walk away from him.


I smile as Grams talks. Her and my grandpa just arrived and I've missed them both immensely. I haven't see them in almost a year but it feels like a eternity. They have always been supportive of me or gave me the benefit of the doubt, especially when everyone else was agaisnt me.

"So that's your new loverboy?" she points over at Zayn who is talking to Grandpa. "He's hot."

"Grams!" I laugh in shock. Grams has never been one to hold her tongue.

"What he is one fine young man. I wouldn't mind getting down and-"

"Grandma!" I cut her off quickly, my cheeks heating up.

"Oh, you know I'm just kidding," she takes my hand and squeezes it. "But if you're going to have kids, make sure he is the dad. I want some good looking great grandkids to make all my friends jealous."

"Whoa," I chuckle. "Kids and Zayn don't really go together." Not even Zayn and I go well together.

"Alright," my mom says over everyone. "Lets go sit down."

We all shuffle our way to the dinning room. I sit between Zayn and Brody and across from Mia. The food is already placed in the middle of the table. The aroma is mouthwatering and it looks delicious. I'm starving and can't wait to eat. We all say grace before we dig in. It's quiet for awhile as we all chew our food and get a good amount down. Then everyone breaks into small converstaions with whoever is close to them. I stay silent and slowly eat my food. Zayn is speaking to Brody and I feel wierd being between the two. I'm just hoping I can enjoy the rest of this vacation.

"So, Zayn," my dad says from across the table, making everyone else shut up and focus on him and Zayn. "What do you do?"

"I'm the CEO of one of the largest and most successful firm in the UK, I also run a few smaller businesses that I plan on building up to be just as big," Zayn honestly answers. My father expresses shock along everyone else.

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