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Her skin was pale, too pale. The sheen of sweat coating her forehead was glistening under the streetlamps as they wizzed by.

Kale held her in the backseat, Kristen drove, and Carter stared out the window.

"Drive faster!" Kale snapped, but it sounded distant and unfamilliar. No- everything about Kale was familliar, but his scent was making her crazy at the moment.

Scarlett's fingers twitched and her bones ached. She felt a wave of incredible exhaustion. The images of wolves, running about in her head, danced before vacant eyes.

"Stay with me..." Kale whispered. "Stay..."

He gripped her bare hand, but it felt all too wrong. Everything felt wrong.

They pulled into the hospital, left the car running, and dashed for the entrance.

The world looked smeared and bright as her cheek rested against Kale's warm chest.

The hum of voices was too unimportant  to register and it felt like she kept getting passed, until she was layed down flat and rocked into sleep, though her eyes were still open.


No one had talked, they were too confused, too worried.

Finally, when Carter pulled Kale aside from his pacing the living room, Kale saw the thought process on his face.

"What?" Kale growled lowly, he was so set on edge, his mind awake, they wouldn't let them see her and he was tempted to tear his way through the walls, to destroy that almond scent from her skin, to save her. Whatever was happening was killing her and they knew that much.

"That scent... it was so strong in the den once Thomas came in." Carter said, arms folded across his chest.

"It wasn't his scent, if that's what you're thinking."

"Well no, but it is that scent that lured him down there isn't it?"

Kale had to gnaw on his cheek to refrain from snarling and spitting at the way he put it. At the moment he was impatient and brutal, he just wanted the job done.

"Her scent. It had to be said and you know it."

Finally, Kale nodded in begrudging agreement.

"Things aren't right. He practically crumbled before her and so did you! I even felt myself slipping. What the hell!" Carter's voice was hushed but he still sputtered.

Kale rubbed his jaw, thinking. He recalled the pull of Scarlett's eyes, the way he got lost in them, hypnotized by the utter calm of blue.

"This pack has never had an Alpha Female. Maybe that's it. Maybe this is the consequence of her humanity."

"What would she have done to deserve that? She doesn't deserve a consequence to anything! She's perfect!"

Carter rolled his eyes, earning himself a growl from his alpha. "You and Thomas looked at her like she was the second coming of Christ!"

It was Kale's turn to roll his eyes. "Come on, Carter. First you're analysing our spiritual beliefs and now you're adding that of Christianity?"

"Did it get my point across?" Carter grinned.

Kale didn't say anything, only slouched into a shitty cushioned chair and stared distantly out the dark paned window. It was late in the night still and they had yet to be questioned, and barely gotten in contact with Scarlett's father.

He had never heard her mention anything about her parents. It made him sad, thinking of all the things he didn't know about her.

Suddenly, a tall, lanky man with a loose flannel shirt strode in. From across the room, Kale could smell cheap booze and even cheaper cologne. It clung to his skin.

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