1. Moving

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[Your POV]

You squint as the sunlight hits your eyes. You sit up and stretch. You just woke up and are still thinking about whether you should go to Korea with your friend or not. You've already learned how speak the language. You just have to get your parent's permission. And you just graduated from college.

You inch down the steps lazily as you smell the delicious scent of bacon. 'Mmm' you thought.

Your mom saw you and smiled. "Oh!
(Y/N)! You're up."

"Hehehe. It was a journey just to get out of bed."you sat on a chair near the kitchen counter.

"Well, it's nice to see you."she patted your head.

Your dad came in the door in his work outfit. You took a deep breath. This was your chance to tell them!

"Mom...Dad..."you looked at them.

"Yes?"they asked in unison.

"I'm going to Korea with *(F/N)."you looked down.

"WHAT? WHEN?"your dad asked.

"Um, tomorrow..."you looked down.

"WHAT?!"they asked again.

You sort of felt sad that your parents might not let you go, but all of that changed when your mom's face softened.
"Well, I guess you can go-"

You clapped your hands. "Yay!"

"-BUT you must bring your phone, some money, pepper spray, and a pocketknife."

You stopped clapping. "What's the pocketknife for? Isn't pepper spray enough?"

"Fine. But don't forget to call us every week."your dad smiled.

<Time Skip>

"Alright! Love you guys!"you said climbing into your friend's car.

"Love you too!"your parents yelled back.

You closed the door and sighed. (F/N) laughed. "Feels good to have a break from them, doesn't it?"

You nodded. "Yeah. I'll miss them, though."

(F/N) started playing some music that was in a language you couldn't understand. You realized they were singing in Korean and then you could understand them. You had to admit they were pretty good.

"*sigh*I love them so much!"she smiled as she turned up the music.

You cocked your head to the side. "Who're they?"

"BTS. They're amazing."she breathed every word.

You just sat back and continued to enjoy their music.

<Time Skip>

At Korea, you were so happy to finally be there. You drove to an apartment that your friend had rented out. It was a nice sized one. Not too big, not too small.

You got up to your room and saw that it was decorated with a bunch of posters of young men. You rolled your eyes. "(F/N)! Who are these people?"

You heard her footsteps coming up the stairs. When she got there, she smiled. "Oh! That's BTS."

"Can you take them to your room? I don't like them staring at me."you shivered.

"Mm...my room is already full of posters. Sorry. Gotta keep them there."(F/N) scratched her head.

you sighed and flopped on your bed. This was going to be one interesting year.

Hey guys! Decided to make a type of book called "BTS x Reader." I hope you like it! Oh! Here's one thing you need to know:

*(F/N)=Friend's Name

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