Chapter 1

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Olivia POV

I wake up to the unpleasantly bright sun shining through my curtains. I got black out curtains for this very reason. I look over to my alarm clock and realize that I'm 3 hours late to school. Good thing my mom goes to work extra early. I've decide that I'm not going to show up to the hell hole some would call school. I walked over to my bathroom and took a shower and brushed my teeth. I got dressed in a black crop top with white writing on it and a pair of white high waisted jeans with short black boot heels. I straighten my hair and put on light makeup. I walked downstairs and saw my dad sitting on the couch.

"Olivia, why are you home?"
"Are you skipping school again?"
"No. I'm heading to school now."
"Good I'll call the school to make sure you get there."

Shit! I wasn't going to go to school. Now I have to.

"And I'll also check in throughout the school day, so don't think I won't know if your at school."

Fine. He wins this round. I can't do anything about this. I surrender.

I drive to school and head to my classes, when I get pulled into a janitors closet. It's really dark so I can't see who pulled me into the closet. Suddenly the light turns on and I see...

I see Cameron Dallas and his minions, smirking at me. But then I feel a cloth go over my mouth and everything goes black.

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