Hungar & Boredom

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So heres what went down after I found out I was kidnapped by a goddamn Greek god bad boy. I did what everyone would try to do in the situation I made my escape plan, but not right away I knew I had to keep my cool and catch Kai of guard.

So I tried to act as normal as someone could be when they were kidnapped. I started of by bombarding him with questions.

"Sooooo" I sighed

That didn't seem to get Kai to pay attention to me. He was to busy on his phone.... Like seriously you can't just kidnap someone and leave them to die of boredom.


"Seriously can you not hear me?"




"Kaikaikaikaikaikaikai". After all my tries of getting a reaction out of him. I finally did.

"Seriously princess do you not have a off switch?" Kai asked

"Nope" I smiled knowing I was getting to him..... Hey if I was gonna be kidnapped and bored to death I might as well make my kidnapper suffer too.

"Can you not be quiet for like 2 minutes?" Kai begged

"Mhmmmm let me think about it" I questioned

"Please" he begged on

"Nope" god I love my annoying ways.

Maybe if I was annoying enough he'd let me go.

"I'm hungry" I whined

"So eat"

"Eat what? There's no food here" I say

Without saying a another word Kai jumps up and starts coming closer to me. With every step he takes my heart races. What does he think he's about to do.

He stops right in front of my bed where I'm siting down. Slowing he bends down making his face closer to mine with every passing  second.

Just as his face is about to touch mine he misses and goes past me.

"Chill kit-Kat I was just grabbing the bag behind you" Kai chuckles.

I turn and see he was telling the truth.. He starts to look in the bag... After what seems forever he finds what he's looking for.

"Here princess" he throws a chocolate bar at me

"T-thanks" I mutter

"Oh lord you should of seen your face... You looked like you just saw a ghost, oh lord I can't even" he laughs at me

"Whatever, can you just tell me when we're gonna leave this stinking hell hole"I ask


"when is soon?"

"When I want it to be,ok end of discussion" He tells me.

I would've argued back but to be honest I'm kinda scared of Kai I mean this guy shot someone without hesitation..... Well he shot him with a dart but I bet he would have done it with a real gun too.

Without saying a word I slowly sink back to my little corner thinking about how to escape.


"Yo kitty-Kat, wake up!"

"Huh" I wake up shocked.

Leaning down towards me Kai grins.

"Finally awake, do you know you drool in your sleep?" Kai makes fun of me

"N-noo I don't" I blush

Ugh my face is probably redder than a tomato right now.... I hate Kai and how he makes me feel all weak and vulnerable but I can't help, it's just who he is.

Kai leans in a bit close to the point where I can feel his minty breath on my face.......oh lord I probably look like a deer caught in headlights after being hit in the face with a tomato.

I close my eyes as he whispers

"Also princess you might want to take a shower... You smell like shit and frankly I don't want you stinking up my car"

With that he walks away...... I just sit there with my mouth hanging open. How rude can this guy get!?!

"Asshole" I mutter

"What, did you say something" kai asks

"Nothing" I get up and go to my suitcase and pull out my towel and all essentials I need and head towards the shower.

As soon as the the warm water hits my body, all the tension and worry releases leaving me in a soothing form.

Oh how I wish I could stay in here forever and enjoy the relaxation. All my worry and thoughts disappear. I forget about all my problems how I just got kidnapped or how some other girl is in my place in London right now. But in this shower it's just me and the warmness.

But that doesn't last long. Kai starts banging on the door making me comeback from my safe place in to the ugly reality.

"Hurry the fuck up, we haven't gotten all day" he yells from the other side of the door.

"Ok" I respond

After about two more minutes the banging starts again.

"I swear to god if your not out in 2 minutes I will come in there a drag you out myself" he threatens

I get out of the shower and put on new cloths on and dry my hair as quickly as possible. I walk out the bathroom to find all my suitcases gone and Kai sitting on the bed tapping his foot impatiently.

"Finally, you girls take so damn long" he breaths

"Sorry" is all I say

"Whatever just come on we're behind schedule already" he says

I follow him and outside the room and to his car.

Oh boy isn't he in for a ride once my escape plan works I think to myself as the cars engine roars alive.


Well there you have it..... I'm sorry it took so long.... Next update will be quicker for sure tho.... So till then enjoy!!!! ❤️💋-L

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