Chapter 61 ~ Halloween Special Part 2

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Chrissy POV:

"Okay just let me, just, lemme process this real quick. You're telling me that Jared's Sam, Sam's Jared, and Embry's Paul while Paul's Embry?" Emily asked pacing back and forth. I watched her as she moved.

"Yes." I answered her. She stopped and look at me.

"How the hell did this happen?" I raised my eyebrows I've never heard her curse before.

"I don't know." I lied. I looked at the boys with regret. I didn't mean for this to happen. She must've known I was lying because she was giving me this look. Great.

"Boys why don't you go to the store and get some food." No. Stay here! She's going to make me tell her!!

"Okay lets go boys, now." Jared's voice said. I don't think I've heard his voice sound so brave and demanding. When they left I looked at Emily who was staring at me questioningly.

"What happened?"

"I don't know."

"I'm going to ask you again, what happened?" She asked

"You sent the boys shopping are you sure that's a good idea?" I answered back

"Christian, what happened how did it happen?" She asked again. I sighed. I can't tell her, she'll think I'm insane! Or tell Sam who'll try to kill me, possibly. But then why did she send the boys away? A little voice in my mind asked.

"I accidentally hexed them.." I said quickly


"I am a witch, my mom was born a witch therefore that makes me a witch, and I think I might've hexed them." She looked at me like I was crazy.

"So that's why you've been losing it lately?" She asked two and two together

"Well that makes a lot of sense" Jared's Voice said walking in. I froze and turned around.

"Sam" I said backing up from him

"Tell me more." He said walking closer
"Sam I- I'm uh I "

"Christian" he warned

"What are you going to do Sam?" Emily asked warily looking between him and me

"Nothing" he said I sighed in relief. Thank god! "yet." Damn it why is it that everytime I thank you, you always turn around and make the situation worse?

"Sam please don't.." He cut me off

"You are going to fix this and then we will talk" he said sternly. I don't think I've ever been this scared of him actually I don't think I've ever been scared of him. I think it's because he knows now and I feel almost like really almost like I'm on the verge of feeling this feeling like I'm vulnerable.. Oh my gosh I'm actually intimidated by him. Never in my life would I have guessed I would be I can't even say it in my mind that's how shocked I am at myself!!!! Why!? How did that even happen? I pulled out my phone and dialed my mom.


"Mom? Hey uh just out of curiosity if a witch were to um hex someone into switching bodies how would they reverse it?" I asked quickly

"Why?" She asked suspiciously

"I'm asking for a friend.. " yeah what friend that's a witch do I know besides my mom and grandma? I can't think of anyone.

"Well you would have to tell your "friend" that she'll have to figure it out on her own"

"Why can't you just tell me?" I whined
"Because she made a mess that she'll have to learn to undo" She said and hung up. No!!!! Mommy!! I need your help. I sighed and put my phone down looking at Sam.

"You better figure this out Christian " he said I nodded

"Okay I will" I tried smiling I don't think it worked out like I wanted it to.
"I mean it!" He raised his voice I flinched

"I'm going to fix this Sam!" I then walked out without a response and went home. "Okay" I sighed and pulled open my laptop.

How to undo a witch hex?

I typed in the search bar I began reading lots of articles about witchcraft and different legends from all over the world. Nothing really helped me so I cleared the search bar and typed something else in.

Witchcraft in Spain

Lots of links popped up I clicked on one and hoped that this one would help me better.

In the early 1200s, in Madrid, Spain, during the religion battles against their conqueror religions, the towns people fought to believe in what they knew Catholicism. Terrified, their conqueror had a secret alliance with the church to protect himself. The church had investigated a woman and found that she had talents beyond this world. She had been secretly practicing witchcraft. The conqueror had planned to turn the town against her and forget about the Catholic war. The towns people had believed everything and had taken the woman burning her alive in front of her small child.

Well that doesn't tell me anything. I scrolled down the page looking for anything like hexes or something when I saw a drawing of the woman being burned with a small little girl crying her eyes out trying to escape from the man holding her. That little girl.. I turned around and looked at a picture on my wall. I got up and picked it up walking towards the laptop. She looks just like my half sister Joy when she was a baby. I scrolled back up and began reading where I left off.

No one knew the name of the woman practicing this witchcraft. But the daughters name was Exe Cortez.

That's my mom's last name..

Exe was adopted by a family but once she got older she had begun experiencing troubles, odd things happening when she was angry. She didn't know what was real or not she accused people of doing things to her. Once she even got so angry that she had hexed the conqueror's family with a sickness. Eventually the church realized what had happened.. Her mother had passed down the witchcraft to her daughter once she died. The church along with towns people had gone after Exe, but before they could get to her she ran. Pretty soon all throughout Spain everyone searched for the one named Exe. Once she figured out everyone was hunting her she changed her name to Saimi. After years people had believed she was dead and stopped looking she then settled down with a man in Barcelona. The hex still lives out today every family member of the past conqueror is born with some sickness.

So how do I reverse my hex? I held my head in frustration.

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